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  1. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Hi, after reading through all of this there is one point which is missing in regard to the legalities of this mother board in respect to Apple's End User License Agreement. When this was in court in the United States the end ruling did uphold Apple's EULA, but more importantly it has upheld the lawfull right to install non-Apple parts into an Apple branded computer. This being said it would be unlawfull for Apple to stop a company from making replacement components for an Apple computer or making third party hardware for the purpose of being installed into an Apple computer. I own a 2006 Mac Pro and have already upgraded it from a quad core to an eight core, if my motherboard was to become damaged (or I simply wished an upgrade) then the purchase of this motherboard would achieve that goal and have no legal consequences. This a company selling a motherboard which can be used to build a PC or as a replacement for an existing Mac Pro motherboard. Sure, to replace my Mac Pro motherboard I would have to modify my case such as I have already down to my G5 so that it can take a mATX board. I did so on my G5 by installing a Lian Li motherboard tray and back plate. With my G5 I wished to upgrade it to have an Intel CPU and so I replaced the motherboard and CPU. Would this be classed as a Hackintosh or an extensive upgrade? With a Windoze based computer people's upgrade their CPU and motherboard on a regular basis and often change manufacturer in the process, this is still classed as an upgraded. All thoughts welcome. P.S. This is the first time I have had to do an exam to be allowed to post on a forum, anyway to find out which two I got wrong?