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  1. I can't get 2.4.6 to work either, would someone post a link to version 2.3.18 so I can try that, thanks !
  2. Asus P5K-E and P5K Premium users

    Kaylway 10.5.2 on the P5K-E Has anyone tried the new Kalyway 10.5.2 disk, I am trying to download now, but so far only one seed and can't get it going? (Look on the pirate for the torrent).
  3. I also have the Toshiba-A105-S4284 Laptop too and a long time ago I managed to get sound out (although stuck at max volume), no sound in, no wifi, but everything else working working by using JaS 10.4.8 Installer and applying bunch of patches. Anyway, since then I tried the latest Kalyway 10.5.1 EFI (8.0) installer and it took that right away with almost everything working again. Plus it EFI boots with vanilla kernel so it should update directly without having to wait for someone to crack any new kernel! I then took the iATKOS Leopard 10.5.1 installer and tried it's Intel Ethernet installer package and that fixed the Intel Pro 100 ethernet so I am at least connected (wired). Still no luck with Wifi, and with the Azailia out patch from the iATKOS disk I got sound out going although this time locked at about 30% level, still no sound in. I was wondering if you have any luck since your original post especially with Wifi, variable sound out, and sound in? Many thanks, Paul
  4. Help - P5W DH Deluxe ... I have read all the posts and although one guy says he has had success with his Asus P5W DH Deluxe mobo, after several installs I am not so lucky! I can get a safe boot only, normal boot hangs. I have the Sapphire x1950xt Video card on an Asus P5W DH Deluxe mobo. If anyone else with similar hardware can tell me options to select, I would really appreciate it. Perhaps a new thread of working mobo/video card combinations and what options used to install would be very useful. Thanks mac.nub for a super effort !
  5. Disk Insertion Error

    Don't bother with my script, it is crude at best. The best and simpliest solutions is from gecko a few posts up: gecko wrote: "setting sata to AHCI resolves the issue" Thanks gecko! This is a simple bios setting (on the first subpage of the BIOS). If you let the BIOS identify the Sata drive(s) using AHCI instead of having the drives act like standard EIDE drives, then the "Config Disk" thing never happens. That must be what I did in the BIOS when I first got rid of the problem. Then I had added a couple Sata drives with MacOS on them and made some BIOS changes to get things kind of working again, when I did, the Config Disk thing came back (I had changed the Satas to EIDE instead of AHCI). So I tried gecko's suggestion yesterday and the notification error under MacOS X went away. At that point, however, when I booted WinXP from a jMicron IDE drive, my MacDrive software no longer saw the Mac drives on the Sata ports. When I first installed WinXP, I did not have Sata drives hooked up, so apparently the driver needed to see the AHCI Sata drives was not pre-installed. So, re-installed Asus device drivers to fix that. Now everything works fine under both operating systems. Everything on my P5W DH Deluxe board works perfectly now (except wifi, which I understand a universal binary driver for it is soon to be released too). This forum rocks!
  6. Disk Insertion Error

    I have changed hard drives attached since then and the darn error message came back, however, I wrote a tiny script application that now runs on startup that kills the pesky error message. The script executes the following code: #!/bin/sh kill `ps axww | grep -i "ser[n]otification[c]enter" | awk '{print $1}'` exit The script application is attached to this post, I put it in my dock then moved it to the Utilities folder. I then right clicked it in the dock and chose "Open at Login". I still see the pesky error message, but only briefly, when my Login script executes, it goes away immediately!
  7. Disk Insertion Error

    I have managed to get rid of the annoying Disk Insertion error on my P5W DH Deluxe without using EZ-Backup port. I have a single Sata II 320 gb drive still hooked to the Red Primary Master Sata port and it boots fine now, no error message, no Config Disk. I can even go to Disk Utility and the Config Disk no longer shows up! I changed some settings in BIOS to do this. I can't remember off hand what they were, but I can check if there is interest. I XBenched before and after BIOS changes and no difference, it still screams ! More detail on my hookup, I have single SATA II 320 gb Maxtor drive with two MacOS Extended partitions hooked to the Red Sata port, no other Sata drives in system. I also have one 320 gb Maxtor PATA EIDE drive on the jMicron EIDE port, it has one single NTFS partition used to boot WinXP (XP Device Manager says it runs at ATA100 speed). Finally, I have one DVD burner (IDE) on the main IDE connector (next to red SATA port). All drive partitions mount under MacOS X (including the WinXP NTFS partition on the EIDE jMicron port. The DVD burner also works fine with iDVD and iMovie, etc. I get no error messages when MacOS 10.4.8 (JaS) boots anymore after the BIOS changes. I have noticed others have not gotten the jMicron port to work. Mine works after a kext change although I have only tested the EIDE port, I have not tried a Sata drive on the jMicro, but I suspect it will work too with the kext change. I can research that further if there is interest. I found something somewhere and downloaded a fixed kext and presto, the WinXP partition suddenly showed up on the jMicro EIDE connector. My new setup: P5W DH Deluxe, 320 gb SATA II, 320 GB PATA, 16x Liteon DVD burner, 2 GB PC6400, E6600 Core 2 Duo (not overclocked yet, but that's next on the plate), Sapphire x18000XT with CI, QE, Rotation, Mirrowing, etc., all powered with Antec Trio PS. Everything works including sound in and out except for Wifi, Tiger sees it as USB WiFi device but still unable to find a driver, need help here please.
  8. I have the same card and unfortunately, I can't get mine to work either! Sure hope someone with the right expertise gets one and figures it out for us. Sapphire x1800xt - no QE or CI
  9. What about the v1.5 drivers from the Leopard Beta? I wonder if they would work or could be made to work? The problem seems to be the X1800XT has dual DVI and DVI is the problem, other boards with VGA ports or VGA+DVI work on the VGA port and again give probs with the DVI port. Something simple in the driver must be messing it up, perhaps something to do with display refresh rate which is generally fixed at 60 on DVI/LCD displays. I just bought an X1800XT (Sapphire) and would love to get it to work. My old X1600XT worked fine... Regards, Paul