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  1. For those of you who hadn't succes with a booting iAtkos Distro or any other Installation Guide, I've found a way to get Lion on the tricky Dual Core Board. After a lot of fails, I've just took my iAtkos L2 Installation DMG, mounted it with transmac on windows, saved the DMG with another name to make shure that you can edit it, opend the saved DMG and replaced the mach_atom kernel with the atom kernel for 10.7.1 (name it mach_atom). I'll load it up the next days. Burned it to a DVD with 4x and Voilá, press F8 at bootloader and type in mach_atom: no kernel panics anymore and a spinning wheel under the grey apple. In the installation menu, make shure you have formatet your disk to Mac HFS journaled, select the atom kernel patch, the stuff that is already checked and the Realtek patch for wired network (the nvenabler isn't needed because the ION works OOTB with QE/I , just make shure GraphicsEnabler is checked in bootloader options ) After a succesfull installation you are able to boot Lion 10.7.2 in full resolution P.S.: Appstore and Facetime work, but not iCloud. The Atheros Bluetooth Dongle doen't work, didnt find a kext for it yet. Bios Setup: AHCI MODE USB at "FULL SPEED", not at "HI SPEED" (CPU unlinked at 666 and +130mV to get 2GHZ and GPU RAM to 512mb <- this is not needed )