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  1. Hey, nice tutorial . I've got a G51j 3D (not the g51jx 3d) and it's the first time I'm able to make an OSX even boot! I used most of the kexts you provided except for voodoo and ps2 kexts (the resolution is perfect by default and both my keyboard and mouse wouldn't work with the ps2 kext's ). Right now I have keyboard backlight and shortcuts working but no ethernet and no wifi. Would you mind giving me a little help? maybe there's a kext I should be deleting (or adding ) to make these work? Thanks in advance. edit:wouldn't boot with DSDT.aml and extensions.mkext either so had to let them out... edit2: ok after 3rd reboot the ethernet is working out of nowhere and the device is called Bluetooth PAN xD edit3: ok final edit it boots with voodooHDA but no sound tried a kext for the intel 1000 wifi to no avail no battery status when it goes to sleep it won't wake up again any help at all will be very appreciated. thanks