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  1. Problem after upgrade 10.8.3

    Ok.. I'm using an ssd, but i dont Think is this the problem. I used Pandora to install osx. I'm using the computer in sign. except for the video card that is an asus gt210 Ok the problem is my video card because now i've tried to boot with hd4000 with -v GE=No and it work but i dont have sound
  2. Hi all, Finally i've installed mountain lion working perfectly with my computer but unfortunatelly when i've upgraded it to 10.8.3 at the boot it say "kdp_poll no debugger device" What can i do? Thx
  3. problem with alc892

    Hi, I've installed osx10.8.3 and this afternoon i'll try to make my own dsdt using rampage devs.. What i dont understand is the guide for IOreg because at the end he says: "8) send me the file" What does it means?
  4. problem with alc892

    This computer is new. I assembled it 1 week ago also because my old pc was too old. I've got an asrockz77 pro4-m, intel core i7 3770k; 16gb of RAM; and an ssd where there is osx. As i wrote the sistem is new so Nothing is running good Ah, the video card is an asus gt210 silent I cant use the hd4000 videocard because i dont have the dvi adapter and so it Will never work (i read it) Tomorrow i Will reinstall the system and i'll use your dsdt. Thank you and good night
  5. problem with alc892

    Sorry, has i wrote, i dont understand very well english. The sistem is wrote in my sig excelt for the card: asus gt210
  6. problem with alc892

    I cant boot! I Think i've to reinstall osx because i tried too Much thinks and so the installation was damaged
  7. problem with alc892

    ok.. just 5 minutes
  8. problem with alc892

    thanks, you are the best
  9. problem with alc892

    dsdt.aml.zip i did something wrong? the my problem is that i don't know how to patch it and so i have the video card that is not working (asus gt 210) and the audio that too is not working
  10. problem with alc892

    i've a problem with the guide.. when i've extracted the dsdt but the guide also say to extract ssdt, but i've got more than 1 ssdt!!
  11. problem with alc892

    now im installing windows so i've windows and osx10.8.3.. in less than 10 minutes i'll post the dsdt
  12. problem with alc892

    i was doing what you say but on another computer, after the guide i understood that i've to do it on my computer and so i wrote to you that it's too difficult, because i've to install also windows. sorry!!! now i'm installing windows and i'll do what you say i know that i've to do something by myself and because of this, is since this winter that i'm tring to make my machine working
  13. problem with alc892

    it only one that i've downloaded.. for what concerns the dsdt i didn't extract it because now i don't have windows installed on the machine where osx is running.
  14. problem with alc892

    why? i used izip maybe this one works AppleHDA.kext 2.zip
  15. problem with alc892

    the hdaenabler is generic kext.zip