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  1. MAC can't sleep ....

    When I try SleepEnabler.kext, my book sleep for 5 seconds and then wake up.
  2. MAC can't sleep ....

    You said that I must remove NullCPUManagement, but then it's Kernel Panic with AppleIntelCPU, hah .... So? What to do?
  3. MAC can't sleep ....

    Hello, my Acer Aspire 7750G, with Core i5-2310M cant hibernate. When I push button Sleep, MAC OS X 10.7.5 show Kernel Panic. What I should do?
  4. ASUS K73SV: Can't boot.

    I hope its put in DVD upside And I hope that i don't flip USB, haha Now try other idea
  5. Hello in night I tried to repair my hd6650 and after chameleon update, allow ati rom with framebuffer it start with blue scratches over display. What to do?
  6. ASUS K73SV: Can't boot.

    Hello, I have ASUS K73SV and when i try to boot from iAtkos L2 DVD, it freeze in Chameleon (select of boot device - HDDs, DVDs, USBs,...). It freeze when I push some key on keyboard. Where is error?
  7. I can install kext. I try it. I install it, boot, but still resolution 1024x768 What to do. I m using 3mb spdisplays_display (10.7.5 64bit) EDIT: In Champlist I changed AtiConfig to Impomea (or what ) and changed resolution to 1600x900, now its resolution OK but I dont have display driver.
  8. ALC269 10.7.5

    Hello, I have ALC269 on Acer 7750G & Lion 10.7.5 and after update from 10.7.2 to 10.7.5 my MAC go to Kernel Panic. I uninstalled kext and now i dont have audio. Which kext I must install? The package installer from official site, go to kernel panic with loudly noise.
  9. Please can you write me what I have to do in easy instructions? I want to do it, but I really dont know how, when I dont have instructions. What must I install, what edit, etc. I have Mac OS X 10.7.5 Lion with Chameleon.