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  1. Hi all, I now have finally Mountain Lion 10.8.2 running on my laptop (Acer Aspire 7750G). Everything works great, except my ethernet. It works fine when I'm at home, but at school, I need to authenticate using 802.1x. When I plugin in my connector, I get an IP from the DHCP server, and I can even ping websites (google.com, for example). But, I cannot visit websites, or do anything else related to the internet. Normally, when I am on Windows, I have to enable the Wired Autoconfig service, and then Windows askes me for my credentials (school-ID and password). On Mac, however, I don't get this kind of screen. Also when I try to make a profile using IPCU, it doesn't work. It gives me 'Could not connect to the authenticating server'. It's really annoying, as wireless internet is one big derp at school. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Thanks! ˜Basaa
  2. Ok, well it's very acceptable, so no worries. Will try to upload the kext. What about my question in #170? You got a working USB 3.0 driver? And maybe even sleep mode?
  3. Yes indeed! And I would love to, but with the standard uploader I getan IO error, and with the basic uploader I can't select hidden files... Any ideas? Also, I noticed that a gradient has like little bars, instead of a smooth transition. Any ideas / fixes for that?
  4. Ah ok, indeed everything works fine for me so far. No fuzzyness or whatsoever. Great tip, thanks! Will let you know if I find something Do you also have a working USB 3.0 kext? For me the entire OS freezes upon inserting a device into the slot. How's your laptop now? It's working again?
  5. I downloaded the decoder, but I get this: Bass-Mac-Pro:ati-personality.pl.0.10 basbuur$ perl ati-personality.pl Kext /System/Library/Extensions/ATI1300Controller.kext/Contents/MacOS/ATI1300Controller Cannot open otool -arch x86_64 -l /System/Library/Extensions/ATI1300Controller.kext/Contents/MacOS/ATI1300Controller for input EDIT: Ah, need Xcode, installing Ok, got the offset. 182640. So, now I should open the kext file with a hex editor? Or 1of the files inside it? And then replace it with what you posted 2 posts back? Like, just paste those rows together, and start replacing?
  6. Trucker, I would like to try if I can patch the ATI6000Controller.kext myself. Could you give me some fast instructions on what to patch, and how to do that? I really can't wait untill 22:00 . God, I'm so impatient :S Thanks!
  7. Awesome. I attached the default Ati6000Controller.kext Do you have any idea how long it will take you to convert it? I can't wait! Thanks, thanks thanks again ATI6000Controller.kext.bak.kext.zip
  8. Oh then all the fame goes to you. Thanks again. I got 1 problem however: when I update to 10.7.5, i get aticontroller errors on boot, asking if I compiled the kext with the the correct headers. It gets stuck at usbmc and waiting for root device. Seems it's not compaitable with 10.7.5. Any ideas?
  9. Dear trucker and miller, After 7 days of blood, sweat and tears (even accidentally formatting my ssd), I finally found the thread I was looking for. I have the Acer Aspire 7750G-2634G64mnkk with the Ati Radeon 6650m, 1GB. With the DSDT provided by Trucker and the Ati6000 controller by Miller, my hackintosh boots with full graphics. Now, my haskintosh is complete, as everything (really everything) works perfectly. Therefore I would like to thank everyone who helped creating this package for the gpu. THANK YOU! I'm extremely happy, that I can finally get to work with my hackintosh. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you! You made my month Basaa P.S. Thanks!