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  1. This tutorial is for users who owns a Mac computer, I'm trying to install a hackintosh... Btw, even if I could locate the UEFI partition I will still need to install clover and all the patches with a macintosh system
  2. Hello, I know it's easy to misunderstand the title so I'm gonna briefly explain what I am truly asking: Most of the guides online involves a previous mac/hackintosh installation to burn the USB with High Sierra, my question is, how do I burn that USB image with Windows/Linux? Is there a way to add the EFI partition with Clover and the FakeSMB kext using them? I have already tried using this guy's guide ( ) but it's not working, when I boot from the "Install High Sierra" volume the computer restarts after a few seconds and there are no errors inside the log, it's like that OsxOpt... Starting ovverrides for ...\boot.efi Using reloc... : no, hibernate .. : no +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ And then it freezes with nothing else displayed, I suppose it's because the DMG this guy provided is missing something but with TransMac I can't read the EFI partition.. Thanks in advance