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  1. thank you very much, this dsdt works like a charm!!! imy laptop has a very much extended battery life and is cooler now. but now i have two issues, the one is that i have random graphics glitches and the second is that my fn keys don't work for volume control with this dsdt, with my own dsdt its working the volume control with animations. please any help with the fn keys and the graphics glitches.
  2. Thanks eng_matt, I will try it your DSDT with dual link off, I think that is my problem, because my Screen resolution is 1366x768, and the DSDT then I'm using now don't have the APPL,DUALLINK patch. I will post the result when yet home. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the fast reply, but I was try it all DSDT found here with the same result. Now it's finally working!!!! With a DSDT that I found in osx86.com I will compare with yours and report the difference between booth. I have a question.... When the laptop backs from sleep the graphic led is white again, these mind that the nvidia card is activated? Or is just a cosmetic thing? Ps: sorry is my english is bad, is not my native language.
  4. Hi! I have the same N53sv, I used your DSDT and my system boot whit garbage on all the screen but the os is functional because I can turn up or down the volume, I can sleep and shut down. I trying to patch my own DSDT but the DOFF function is not called. Ps: the only way I can boot with correct video is deleting the intelgraphicssnbfb.kext What can I do? Thanks for reading
  5. Hi guys! First of all, I have a N53SV... I have some problems with the DSDT file for disabling the nvidia GT540, when I use it, my laptop show garbage on the screen(and the led is blue) when i put the DOFF patch on my own DSDT nothing happens and my led is white. Any help for patching my DSDT for correct Method DOFF? Thanks
  6. Hi! you can flash older or the same bios version with the command " /nodate " in the winflash utility for windows or dos. thanks for the modded bios, i will try it and comment