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  1. McBeast G5 Mod

    Hey everybody, I recently made a second G5 case mod, after my original one about 2 years ago (which wasn't worth posting). I hope you like what you see. It's still needing a bit of a tidy up inside the case, but it's been running stable as a HTPC for about 2 months now. Notable features. Original sliding BluRay drive (with working front shutter) Carbon fiber vinyl wrapped, both inside and out - This was PAINSTAKING! Had to completely dissassemble all the case in it's two main components. Laser Hive G5 to ATX conversion mod installed, with backplate. Laser Hive Front panel conversion, which is a very aesthetically pleasing finish! (Mad props to David at the Laser Hive. Easily the best customer experience I've had, and the packaging was so professionally packed, I could do an entire thread on that easily. http://www.thelaserhive.com/ 2x Blue Cathode Lights for a nice effect. Icy Dock 4 in 1 SATA HotSwap for 2.5inch drives. (Fitted with 2x Samsung SSDs for super fast boot - Ubuntu) Antec H20 cooler with pwm fan, RGB LED Thermaltake Smart SE 730W PSU. Gigabyte GAZ77-DS3H for when I used Mac OS on it (Old Hardware) 8gb Corsair Vengeance (One stick removed in image above) Intel 3570K (Older processor - does what I need it to do) 2x USB3 front Panel, eSATA, Headphones and Mic, with a sleek Power LED button. Sprayed Front and back in Black, and left with Aluminium bezel (trim?) intact for aesthetic look. Also sporting a 6TB WD Red drive to store more media in a Hot Swap frame.
  2. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Hi BlackCH, I want to buy a cable, and dont have FireWire, can you accommodate me? How much do you need to ship to Ireland? Thank you very much!! Need it ASAP