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  1. Sleep Problem

    I read this, too. But it doesnt help I dont understand why its just me with that problem. Windows has no problems with sleep. Any other ideas ?
  2. Sleep Problem

    Board has UEFI - does not require DSDT Updated to 10.8.2 - still the same problem
  3. Sleep Problem

    Jep i already read this. Thats why I dont want to give up SMBIOS MacPro 3,1 Well its going to sleep but not instantly ...
  4. Hello, I have a interesting sleep problem. I installed Mountain Lion and if I activate the sleep the following happens: 1. The Screen turns off (at the exact time) - The computer fans and drives are still running. 2. After a time (minute to 1h) the computer goes into sleep! (I can wake it up normally). So any ideas ? Thanks Gigabyte Z77 DS3H (F8) Intel i5 2500K 8Gigabyte RAM 480 Watts Power Supply EVGA GTX 460 ML 10.8 Edit: If there is a topic with a similar problem - please tell me the link instead of saying "use the search". I google for over 2 weeks now to get it run !