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  1. Hello, First of all, as this is my first post, I'd like to thank everyone on this and other mac forums who helped me through my trials and tribulations installing a Windows XP SP1 Upgrade disc on my old MacBook Pro in BootCamp. That was a long and not terribly fun affair throughout which I was grateful for the many posts from others that helped me. I've just purchased a mid 2009 iMac with the Radeon 4850 card in it. I tried playing some games on the mac side (Snow Leopard) and found the performance to be underwhelming. I'm trying to determine if the issue is related to drivers or if that's just as good as it gets. I was unable to find mac specific drivers on ATI's website so I'm inquiring here. Supposedly software updates include the latest drivers, but I've found no way of determining if I in fact have the latest version. Since I am running Snow Leopard, drivers included in 10.7 or 10.8 are unavailable to me. My computer lists the current graphics card EFI driver version as: 01.00.327, ROM Revision: 113-B9090C-181. I have installed the Mac OS update combo and performed all normal software updates. I attempted to also install the iMac EFI update but it said I was already up to date. I am also nervous about the fact that I set this computer up by restoring the disk image of my previous computer. Can this cause driver issues since my old computer had a completely different hardware setup? Thanks in advance for any help or insight anyone can provide. - Dan