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  1. Hello, First of all thanks for the awesome script. But I have a problem, I am getting stuck at "DSMOS has arrived" when booting from USB. I tried removing all graphic kexts and rebooting with -f but still same problem arises. I have a Radeon 5650 Mobility and VAIO VPCEB46FG. This is pretty strange that I was able to install ML previously on the same machine few months ago with full QE/CI support and everything was working just fine. Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks!
  2. I am already booting without NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. I never copied it to my installation USB and it worked well without it.
  3. I finally got it why KP was coming. When I use sleep, my laptop sleeps but when I try to wake it up, it just restarts and then the KP screen comes up. Also, App Store and everything is working just fine. I am using Photoshop, watching HD movies and playing games all are perfect. Just need to sort out this sleep thing.
  4. Finally, I am now getting full graphics acceleration with QE/CI. Everything is working fine except my memory card reader which I don't care about. So I am very happy now and thanks to you guys for helping me out. I never thought that I could install mac on my laptop but it's great that I did. I also installed windows side by side for other things (like playing dota 2 late night ) Here's the evidence: For those wondering how I enabled full QE/CI support and graphics acceleration, I just followed this tutorial and extracted the EDID of my screen from Windows. After putting it on my mountain lion, I got the acceleration right away! I seriously love all you guys for helping me so much! I'll write a nice tutorial on hackintoshing this laptop soon for people just entering in the world of hackintosh. Although sometimes I get KP backtracing to VoodooHDA.kext which is responsible for my sound but it's very rare (1 in 10 times) so not a problem. Happy Hackintoshing everyone. Thank you very much
  5. Shades didn't worked for me. I think the brightness isn't working because I am booting with GraphicsEnabler=No. If I boot without it, I get stuck at "iobluetoothhcicontroller setconfigstate calling registerservice". I suppose there's a problem in the DSDT. And, can I use SMBIOS of MacbookPro 8,1 rather than 6,1? Because when I click on "About this mac", it crashes to the login screen.
  6. Yes! Thanks for your help And here's my system info. Seems like making my 5650m will not work without windows because it requires the an EDID so I'll install windows later. Right now, I'll fix the sound. SOUND FIXED! Trackpad, brightness, battery and graphics left
  7. I finally made my wifi work, so systeminfo is downloading Java. Also, bluetooth was working OOB and I made my internal keyboard work too! Now just need the sound and graphics I'll post the systeminfo as soon as it completes installation. Thanks guys!
  8. Oh yes just noticed I should have listened to you. Btw, nothing works on my laptop as of now (no trackpad, inbuilt keyboard, sound, wifi, video etc) so finding a solution for that. If you know any useful link, then share it Thanks
  9. Good News! I finally installed Mountain Lion successfully on my system using this guide. Although, I can only boot with "-v -x USBBusFix=Yes GraphicsEnabler=No" so working on that! Thanks everyone for the help and time
  10. Ok, I finally got it working in VMware using this tutorial. Now following the main guide! Thanks guys
  11. As I don't have a mac, I used this because I can't create the installer from scratch. I will remove the Extensions.mkext file now and retry
  12. Ok, I'll re write the image file to my USB and make necessary changes. I just hope my USB don't die by so many rewrites! Btw, there are no ApplePS2*kexts, just some VoodooPS2 kexts in the Extension.mkext. Extensions.mkext contents: AHCIPortInjector.kext AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext FakeSMC.kext IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext PXHCD.kext VoodooPS2Controller.kext VoodooPS2Keyboard.kext VoodooPS2Mouse.kext VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext I don't know how to remove those Voodoo kexts from the mkext file Still getting stuck at ApplePS2ALPSGlidePoint. This must be the problem with voodoo kexts present in Extension.mkext. Is there any way to rebuild that mkext? Also, should I try putting custom ApplePS2* kexts?
  13. I tried it with my ML DVD but no success. It failed at boot. I'll start all over again
  14. The only software I know for writing .raw image files is ImageWriter and in it, there is no option for writing as MBR. If I format the pd as FAT32, then writing it again will make it in GUID format. I think I am just out of luck. It's 1am here so I am going to start off again in the morning with a fresh mind. I know it will work! You guys are awesome and thanks for your support!