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  1. Hi I was playing with my W510 (4391-B51) a while but no success so far. Tried step by step procedure from Simple Install guide - not working, just white screen with logo and spinner. Managed to install system from USB created with ######, boot into installed system from USB and then make it running using ######. System is booting, can get working keyboard and trackpad using Voodoo PS/2 from ###### (with PS2 kext from pack trackpad is working but not keyboard), also working gigabit ethernet, Nvidia Quadro FX880M. With kext from packs I can get working battery and bluetooth and that's all With dsdt files from first page system is not booting. Splash screen changing to more 3D-ish but that's all, just spinner spinning forever. Installed patched BIOS - no change. Already tried on both 10.8 and 10.8.2 - same result. Not sure what more can I do to get it working as described. Last info from verbose boot is about problems with CPU sensors kext - "failed to load", but then it says [PCI configuration begin] [PCI configuration end, bridges 1 devices 15] [PCI Configuration begin] so I assume problem with CPU sensors kext is probably not the reason, at least not the most important reason. One - probably very basic thing - can't figure out how to apply patches from packs. Is it just something I shoult put into Extras folder?