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  1. Oh wow, the Interactions tab is filtering some mentions out for no apparent reason.

  2. RT @Horse_iOS: When planning your app, we always recommend scheduling extra time in case Developer Program Enrollment goes down for more th…

  3. Not when you're running VMware 9, if you downgrade it to 8 you will probably have more success. The difference between 8 and 9 aren't huge anyway, maybe slight performance loss but nothing you can't live with.
  4. Getting emails from stuff which has a link to Facebook to turn it off. No option there in the link. Anybody help?

  5. Some songs just aren't good unless they're played through a proper speaker system

  6. Everything seems to be about NVRAM these days, for some bizarre reason

  7. Ahahah Home Sweet Hole was great and then the vocals started

  8. I still really want the new BlackBerry if it's anything like the Alpha devices.

  9. Did 10.8.3 roll out with it?

    1. WaldMeister


      No official release yet.

  10. Really confused as to the password stuff used by #Mega... Should I be cautious when choosing a password to give my account when I sign up?

  11. Damn, anyone in Bradford... look outside

  12. The first comments. Sigh, this is why you get a bad name America. http://t.co/DfuEqwrd

  13. Not gonna lie, Warped Tour's way of announcing bands later and later in stages of like 5 is ridiculous. I'd rather know I'm going in January

  14. When I say first time, I mean for hosting my own repository, not committing/branching.