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  1. Hackintosh G4 - Beppo Edition [In progress]

    Hi, the pictures are small thumbnails and if you click on it you will see a high resolution picture.
  2. Hello, my buddy and I have decided that we want to get "some" more power out of an old PowerMac G4. So we started to make a list of things which have to go in the computer. The result is the following: (The ✓ means, that this part is already inside the machine.) First we obtained a Mac Pro G4. Then we opened the G4 and put all Apple hardware outside. We did'nt want that the plastic gets damaged while we adjust the Case. Therefore, we have removed it. We really hate those following things ("bolts"). It isn't that easy to remove them. The without the plastic parts: On the inside of the case are a few spacers. We drilled a hole on the outside to get out those things: Then, we destroyed the bolts which are holding some aluminium parts of the back of the mac. Those things are the spacers from the old mainboard: The rail in which the old power supply was inserted must be removed: The back without the rail: The front: There are a few parts on the back which got removed by an angle grinder: Thats the result: The heatsink is to big for the case and there is about 1cm space between the side and the plastic cover of the side. So we cut a hole in it: The result: To close the side where the mainboard is mounted on we had to cut a hole in there with the angle grinder too. We adjusted the plastic thing which is placed below the mainboard a bit: For example we removed some material on the edges: This are our homemade spacers: Now the rough things of the case were adjusted. We put the CPU inside its socket: ... and mounted the heatsink on the motherboard Those screws are used to mount the mainboard on the side of the case: Thats the result of those and the spacers: The mainboard is finally mounted: ... And the hole made for the heatsink was really usefull: A computer is pretty useless if you can't turn it on: ... So we decided to use the old circuit board and connect it to the panel of the mainboard. We used the old circuit board and it's cable: ... But we patched it that the connectors are fitting correctly: The Panel pinassignment: We then figured out, how the cable is patched: ... And made a plan how to patch the cable: Then we soldered the cables: This finally looked so: (notice that all cables we doesent needed are taped together) There were some cables which made a short circuit: We removed the burned cable and put everything back to it's place: Behind this plate there is the mainboard mounted: ... And if we put the plastic cover on: ... We get a problem because we cannot access this because the mainboard is mounted there. Therefore we removed this and some other disturbing plastic things: Then we made a hole for the wire of the power supply: This takes alot of time with a old, weak dremel. So we accelerated this with a power drill: The wire fits perfectly: To screw down the screws of the back plastic cover we need the thread of the old power supply. So we rip out this thing: Fits perfectly: On the plastic cover on the back we used the dremel again to cut out the hole for the wire: The original keyboard is existing: Viewed from the outside you can't see any difference: The old mouse works good with Windows 8.1 : Will be updated soon... Hackintosh install will be documented as well.
  3. Stuck on spinning apple logo

    I had had the same problem. You can fix it if you downgrade your AppleACPIPlatform.kext to 10.8.1. This will fix it. There isn't a problem with RTC
  4. Fehler bei 10.8.2 Combo-Update

    Hallo, ich habe mich jetzt einige Zeit nicht mehr mit diesem Projekt beschäftig aber nun tuhe ich dies wieder. Ich habe die AppleACPIPlatform.kext auf 10.8.1 zurückgepatcht und das war das einzigste Problem. Danke an alle! 1
  5. Hi, i got a problem with my USB mic. I have installed 10.8.2 and the speakers (optical toslink) are working fine. My only problem is my mic. If i call the echo service in skype or use audacity the sound is clicking and there are some strange noises... I don't care why it does this because it isn't connected to the sound card? (onboard)... It is a USB microphone... The problem only appears if i boot using clover... not using chimera/chameleon.
  6. Fehler bei 10.8.2 Combo-Update

    Niemand eine Lösung?
  7. Hallo, ich habe mithilfe von Uni-B"ea"st Mountain Lion erfolgreich installieren können. Dann habe ich mittels Multi-B"ea"st folgende Kexte hinzugefügt: ("[url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]" Installation wurde auch angewählt) Danach läuft das System (nahezu) Perfekt. Alles funktioniert, bis auf die USB 3.0 Ports. Dann habe ich mir das Combo-Update 10.8.2 über die Apple Seite geladen und es anschließend installiert. Bevor ich neugestartet habe habe ich ###### mit denselben Einstellungen wie oben durchlaufen lassen. Nun mein Problem: Das System bootet nicht mehr im "normalen" Modus. Stattdessen ist nur der Apfel mit dem sich drehenden Kreis zu sehen: (Der Kreis dreht sich aber... Er bleibt nicht stehen...) Wenn ich mit den Flags "-x -v" boote bekomme ich den folgenden Bildschirm: Vielleicht könnt ihr mir ja sagen, wie ich nun vorgehen soll. (System in der Signatur) Vielen Dank im Voraus!