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  1. -restart with "-v -x" , it should boot in vesa mode -use aquamacs guide to install EFI String
  2. Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail on HP Mini 1000

    thanks mcroger I will try this soon and post results. Even with leopard retail dvd install i have not yet been able to get it to sleep.. at least while wifi is also working.. every method it seems has a functionality missing
  3. Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail on HP Mini 1000

    I am also very interested in this too. Have you tried "cpus=1 -x -v" ? that way you can make sure it isnt related to your dsdt.aml Also what version chameleon and efi are you using? Have you tried 2.0 RC1 with EFI 10.1? That generally is the best combo.
  4. Just wanted to post my success story.. To anyone experiencing never ending kernel panics: the way I fixed it was by deleting the dsdt.aml supplied in this post, its no good even with same hardware. You must go into bios, disable HT and enable 1 core, and at boot type "cpus=1 -x -v" then use dsdt patcher gui to make yourself a dsdt.aml I am running successfully: Asus P6t Deluxe V2 Core i7 920 @ default speeds 12 GB OCZ 1600 ram nvidia gtx 285 Everything is working great except 1) I cant put it to sleep, still working on that.. fans just keep running 2) using Voodoo audio, surround sound works however i only get mono signal in headphones connected to speakers 3) stuck in IDE mode Thanks to everyone making this work