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  1. Kernel Cache or Chameleon Problem?

    Hi, I recently installed Lion using iATKOS L2. It all worked fine except I had to get a kext for my Realtek PCI ethernet card. It's still at 10.7.2 Then, I stupidly thought that if I deleted 'unnecessary' kexts from S/L/E it would speed up the boot time (which was a bit slower than I would have liked, probably should have just enabled UseKernelCache in the boot plist). So anyway, I backed up then deleted 9 kexts/bundles relating to IntelGMA950 (I don't have onboard-graphics in my system). I thought you didn't have to 'rebuild kext cache' in Lion, so I just rebooted after deleting them. After that, rather than shutting down properly the system logged me off then stopped at a blank grey screen with a cursor on it. I had to hold down the power button to turn it off. When I booted it again it went through the 'time out' screen (with the countdown timer to allow you to press any key and select a partition) and rather than booting it went black then a 'Disk Read Error' screen came up. Next boot attempt I pressed a key at the 'time out' screen and selected the Lion partition (I didn't enter any boot flags). It started booting (no 'Disk Read Error' screen) but then there was a Kernel Panic (can't remember the exact call back kext thing, but it was AppleIntel....family something, I think) Next attempt I entered the '-v' flag then booted, it booted perfectly. After that I used the '-f' flag to boot it, again it booted perfectly. After that I just pressed a key at the 'time out' screen and selected the Lion partition without any flags, again it booted perfectly. But if I don't press a key, and I let the timer run out, I still get the 'Disk Read Error'. So if I get rid of the time out screen altogether and have it go straight to partition selection then it will boot fine every time, but I don't want to do that. I want to solve the problem. Is it a problem with Chameleon or with the Kernel Cache, or with the boot selector...thing? All I did was remove some useless kexts from the Extensions folder why would it cause this problem? I put the kexts back and the problem persists, I also set UseKernelCache to 'yes' in the Chameleon boot plist. Could I try rebuilding the kernel cache?
  2. OK, could somebody nice just answer a simple question for me?: Is there supposed to be a chameleon boot file in the root of the Mac OS X Base System drive (the one that has the mkboot install)? No matter what version of Chameleon I install, on any HD partition or USB drive, there is never a boot file in the root of the drive after installing chameleon, and the drives never boot. I have been trying just to get a successful install of ML for the last week, about 7 hours a day; the only way I can even get into the Mac OSX installer is when I install PC-EFI 10.6 with the 10.7 boot file onto a boot drive and then select Mac OS X Base System. But, of course, you can't get a successful install of ML from a 10.6 bootloader. So is there something wrong with the way I'm installing Chameleon? Is there supposed to be a boot file in the root of the drive after installing it? Thanks.
  3. I followed the guide, the mkboot procedure works fine, but I can't get the usb drive to boot. I have GA-P35-DS4 v 2.0 (F14 BIOS). I'm using a OS X 10.5.8 hackintosh to create the usb Mac OSX Base System ('boot') install drive. -I've tried using a 16gb SD card (in a USB card-reader), an external USB HDD (formatted with a GPT table in Parted Magic, and with a 20gb HFS+ Volume created in Disk Utility), and a SATA connected HDD. -I disconnected all the other drives other than the target (the drive I want to install ML on) and the install drive. -I set the BIOS boot order for the correct drive (after enabling 'Legacy USB support' in the BIOS settings) but after POST there is the usual "Verifying DMI Pool Data.............", then nothing happens. I've tried to boot the drives on two other computers with the same lack of results (the disk are recognized but don't boot). In Tseug's guide for installing Lion, by this same method, there were posts from people who had this same problem; apparently it had something to do with the Chameleon bootloader, and they had success by using a different version or modifying the version included in the Install package. How would I go about replacing the Chameleon version in the Installer package? Or could I just replace it on the Mac OSX Base System ('Boot') drive that I have already made? Can I just add on a different version of the Chameleon bootloader instead of Enoch-rev.2009 and then edit the bash scripts to point to the new version instead of Enoch-rev.2009? Or, is it the fact that I'm using OS X 10.5.8, do I need Snow-Leopard, or later, to create the USB install drive? Please help, thanks.