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    [Problem]Core i3 2310M Graphics problems (Intel HD3000 0x0116)

    hi guys, I'm trying since two weeks now to get my graphics working. It's a Intel HD 3000 Mobile which comes with my cpu i3-2310M. After Installation i booted up in single user mode and moved all "AppleIntel*" kext's from /S/L/E to /S/L/E/IntelBack. Now i was able to boot up. but only in 1024x768. Then i tried to get some kexts. But no one of the kexts worked for me. Got everytime the same error : Stuck at Apple Boot Logo and Activity indicator freezes. what do i have to do to get this working ? I'm using iATKOS l2 with chimera 1.6 and GraphicsEnabler=Yes. i'm using the same Laptop a Akoya E7220 it's native resolution is 1600x900. Lectrasxt16