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  1. For sale empty Mac G5 case with extras please look at the pictures Below for more info. I have four of these cases left, please message me if you want any these cases or extra parts. Because I parted out about 10 of these G5. I plan on modding these cases but never got the time to get Involved with it. I also have a few parts for Mac Pros as well, Just post what you need and I'll get back to you. Payment: I will only use PayPal for transaction. I'm looking for $60 per case which includes everything you need to mod the G5 case. They are in very good shape with some scratches, considering they are almost 10 years old. I will provide pictures of all the side below. https://www.icloud.com/photostream/#A2JtdOXmDXMLt Those are all the pictures of the G5 Case. Thank you for looking. Curtis.
  2. http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649 I am selling my Hackintosh custom G5 modded Case this is a complete working computer, with the following. specifications CPU: i5-3450 3rd Gen. 3.10ghz (brand new condition) original box included Motherboards: GA-H67MA-USB3-B3 (brand new condition) original box included RAM: Gskill 8Gbs DDR3 1600 (New Old Stock) original box included PSU: XFX Pro 450watts Power Supply (New Condition) GPU: Intel HD Graphics 2500 (onboard) HDD: 250GB (Used Condition) DVD: original dvd burner out of G5 (this drive is IDE this motherboard only has sata so it will not work with computer, but is included) WiFi: wireless card adapter with genuine apple extreme WiFi, with supported airdrop 450MB/s (not included but i can include for a small sum) $60.00 Please let me know if interested in checkout G5 Modded Case (Like New Condition) G5 Modded Case The computer will come professionally packed with all specification components pre installed inside, and ready to use (operating system not included) complete computer, with front panel wired, and the fans (also original G5 fan's), plus specs described, very clean inside computer and out. The modifications for this case are completely unique, look at pictures for a more detailed view. please contact me if you are interest. pm me or email me at curt0012@gmail.com, if would like to talk on the phone just pm or email me & I will send you my cell #. I would sell this off Ebay for 840$ OBO no fee for me, so you can save $$ too! payment by paypal or credit card, I have "paypal here".
  3. Hackintosh Wanted

    PM sent though email.
  4. I'm currently, customizing to sell Macpro computer cases G5, for haxintosh. I'm working on selling the first modied case, whiten a month, I also have brand new macpro 1.1 cases, for sale as well, if you'd like to mod them yourself. I also have computer mac parts, and accessorries out of five macpro g5; I might be interested in selling some macpro g5 cases as well. So please PM me if intersted in that, or any other parts, I just might have them, so please post what parts you are seeking, and I'll get back to you. Attach pictures show currrent progress. taking a different approach, for modifying then I've seen from other mod sources. in hopes that it keeps originatlity of the mac case, and more user service friendly.