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  1. I have been running my Lion on my MacMini 1,1 for over a year now, using the "target disk mode" approach to boot an officially Lion-compatible Mac (a white MacBook) and then adding '<string>Mac-F4208EC8</string>' to /System/Library/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist. It has worked perfectly. Until this week! I recently updated to 10.7.4, doing the update while booted on the MacBook just to be on the same side. The upgrade did not overwrite PlatformSupport.plist, and the MacMini booted up just fine after afterwards. While at the logon screen, my one-year-old daughter was randomly hitting keys (this may be a complete coincidence), and the MacMini rebooted. Since then it will not boot, with verbose mode reporting: "This version of Mac OS X is not supported on this platform! Reason: Mac-F4208EC8". The MacBook continues to boot fine from the MacMini HD (SSD actually) using target disk mode. I have tripled checked PlatformSupport.plist, renamed it out of the way, searched for additional versions of the file and also renamed the one in com.apple.recovery.boot. But still no luck. Can anyone suggest what to try next? I am now stuck. I do not know enough about the OS X boot sequence to further diagnose the problem, and can't figure out what has changed since it was working!