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    VoodooHDA - common problems

    I'm trying to get the sound card + HDMI sound to work. The sound card works. HDMI does not work. I have tried versions of VoodooHDA up till 2.7.4 with the same result - sound card works, but HDMI sound does not work (no sound at all). I have used DPCI Manager to identify which device IDs to put in to info.plist. So now I have: ... <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string>0x3b568086</string> ... <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string>0xaa381002</string> Additional Symtoms: HDMI option in System preferences -> Sound is present, but selecting it does not produce sound over HDMI Screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/0K091S0v383Q The sound card devices are not listed System preferences -> VoodooHDA prefpanel; Strangely HDMI is listed, but controls don't work. Screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/35282X213H3G getDump shows only the HDMI device. Not sure if this is normal. Screenshot: http://cl.ly/text/1k3f2B3z3Y2T My files: DPCI Manager http://cl.ly/image/0B050O0z0z1j info.plist http://cl.ly/0g1u0K2l3D0R Any help or pointing in the right direction would be appreciated