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  1. Not sure if everybody here will be interested, but I was talking to some guys that do custom keycaps, I pitched him this design: but they said they could not make singles, only in bulk. Don't mind the colors and size. So I'd like to ask if everybody would be interested in purchasing. It's for a Ducky Zero Shine backlit mechanical keyboard. I haven't gotten their reply as to how many they'd need for them to push through with the manufacture, but they said the design is feasible.
  2. still acting up. sheesh... with the "new" IONetworking kext installed (stock kext with the official realtek kext plugin), i got random hangs. it can range from Lion letting me use the PC for 40mins (give or take) or a few minutes after restart. i'll post the log tomorrow, in the meantime i'll give this thing a rest. hopefully somebody could chime in with some solutions. my brain is melting at the moment for solutions, because like i said above, my setup worked perfectly before then it just threw a diva b*tch act this morning.
  3. celebrated prematurely, after the above and logging back in, no internet again and System Preferences was hanging when I click on Network. so I deleted the Realtek kext I left and installed the new version of IONetwork kext, rebuilt the cache, restart and here I am back in the saddle. I hope you guys don't mind what I'm doing, because you'll never know who might encounter the same problem and by doing this, I hope I can or I was able to provide some sort of help.
  4. nah, i don't mess around with the BIOS. but here's the thing, after installing a new IONetworking.kext and a new Realtek RTL8111.kext, nothing was still happening. i decided to delete the IONetworking.kext and leave the Realtek8111.kext. moments after deleting the IONetworking.kext, my Lion just connected itself automatically. i'm not sure if that is the right solution or what. but i'm back connected to the net. I just rebuilt my kext cache and will see if i can log in again with a net connection.
  5. It's been a long time since I've tinkered with my build - Lion 10.7.3 Never updated to a higher version since, IMHO, my build is perfect (well save for sleep, but I really don't need it). It has also been a couple of weeks since I last used Lion, but this morning I just could not connect to the internet. when I check the System Configuration, it says my PC is unplugged (I'm using DSL) but when I check the back of my CPU, the cable is physically connected to the ethernet/LAN port. I've unplugged-plugged it just to check if that will work, but no results. I can verify that I have a connection to the internet when I boot to my Win7 (which is what I'm using right now). I have not updated anything major (not even updating to 10.7.5). It was only the Sophos Anti-Virus that was updated the last time I used my Lion and even after the update, the Lion was still working - I was downloading some Guitar Lessons via Garage Band. so any solutions or anybody encountered this problem before? I downloaded the RTL8111 kext here I'll try to rebuild the kext because I can't remember if I used the "many animals" utility from "that famous site" to install my kexts before. I did see that there is a new driver for the RTL8111, however I don't want to mess around with it as of the moment because my problems become more complicated. It might be my last solution though. Thanks so much for any help.
  6. RedEG6

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    strange that this new driver appeared when my realtek rtl8111 stopped working for strange reasons. i can attest that it's not the port themselves or something else that has the problem because i'm posting this using the same system but running Win7.
  7. Jony Ive would be the one having a stroke (what happened to my design?!) LOL Steve might go nostalgic with this one though (Apple I) and I'm sure the Mighty Woz would approve of this barebones setup
  8. clientsfromhell.net it's not limited to the creative people. for sure everybody had one or two in their life. http://www.clientsfromhell.net
  9. RedEG6

    new OSX

    i'm more of a dog person, but this grumpy cat has got me appreciating cats...or maybe this certain cat only HAHAHA
  10. RedEG6

    client from hell

    more stories from hell over here
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    whats your favorite beer?

    San Miguel Light - very convenient to buy - cheap and can be had at every corner store here in the Philippines. well of course it's also brewed locally. Pivo Praha - Czech beer from a local microbrewery. so light that I was drinking it like water. King Ludwig Weissbier Oettinger
  12. got mine, haven't done anything with it yet though. fresh and blank 50GB slate LOL
  13. Happy New Year everybody. it's the 2nd of January on our side of the planet. may the good vibes you've all had last year carry over to the new year and the rest of it. Be awesome to one another. Peaceloverockandroll. iPoco: no snow either from my side. we do have wonderful (often crazy LOL) Christmas lights and lanterns. Plus we do celebrate it really early (when September kicks in, people just start to get in the mood) and end it a little bit late (Feast of The Three Kings I think).
  14. Merry Christmas you wonderful community. and mods. and admins. and everyone here. peaceloverockandroll!
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    [Completed Build] Deep Thought

    brother You get my vote for MacMod of the YEAR!