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  1. hi MaLd0n I am having trouble with the USB port limit and the audio codec I appreciate your help thanks Send me Fs-MBP.zip
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    Fix Error in SSDT

    Don't load maciasl 3.1
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    Fix Error in SSDT

    for several hours i was trying just to fix errors if someone can help me thank you DSDT i fixed and patched Using Clover Laptop toshiba C55-A HM76 i3-3230 What is working : Graphics Brightness slider Audio Sleep What is not working Battery meter DSDT and SSDT are clover dump I think SSDT-1 contains the battery part I was right i fixed ssdt without patch et voila my battery work thanks
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    Toshiba C55-A DSDT help for USB3

    Hi all I removed GenericUSBXHCI.kext and when i plug USB 3.0 external HDD nothing happens but when i restart or power on laptop with usb 3.0 hdd connected yosemite catch it as usb 3.0 and work like charm.
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    Toshiba C55-A DSDT help for USB3

    Help after weeks, Hackintosh Yosemite is working on my C55 except my USB3 i tried all patches but nothing. CPU : i5 3230M MB: HM76 intel 7 / C210 Graphics : HD4000 UEFI Clover final release for booting these are my files IOREG DSDT and SSDT from Ubuntu and windows 10 SSDT generated ssdtPRGen.sh config.plist from RehabMan Github Thanks DSDT.SSDT.ioreg.zip