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  1. @TimeWalker75, Could you share your UEFI boot setup please? Ive installed osx on a GPT partition, put the clover efi folder on the 209.7mb boot partition (this stopped the Operating System not found message), but now im left with just a spinning line in the top left hand corner. It just doesn't load into clover. I replaced UEFIdriverx64 with the one you uploaded earlier. Just not sure what to try next. ps i formatted the boot partition to fat32 before i copied the efi folder
  2. I can confirm that swipe up now works too. Thanks I have that wifi bug too. The only way to bring it back is to boot into windows like you said. It's always happened on my laptop even when i wasn't using the voodooPS2keyboard kext And Fn+F1 does nothing on my system.
  3. @DoiX - Thank you The swipe gestures work except for three fingers up - it just doesn't seem to do anything. If I press F6 it shows the desktop so there are no problems there.
  4. Hi, Ive installed VoodoPS2 kext and the battery kext. But i can't get any of the functions for the trackpad to work. I have mapped the expose and show desktop to F3 and F6 in keyboard settings too. The only one i can confirm is fn+f3 and then the trackpad stops. Press it again and its back. I installed the kext's using kext wizard. Rebuild the kext cache and did the permissions. Rebooted and yeah. Was there something else I had to change? Edit: I can confirm that kinetic scrolling is working (wasn't before while using the standard apple PS2 kext) so thats new and much easier to scroll through forums now. And if I use three fingers on the trackpad it wont scroll through webpages. So does that mean it is recognising something there? and just the mapping may be different? Or am i on the wrong track there? Edit 2: Okay, so i forgot to enable 'clicking' in trackpad settings and now the double / triple tap work. Its just the gestures that don't.
  5. Hey, I've got Mountain Lion 10.8 installed on my laptop (L502x first gen). Everything works but two things, sleep and the USB 3 ports. Ive installed the PXHCD. kext into S/E/L and repaired the disk permissions using disk utility and kext wizard but still they don't work Regarding the USB problem, it does load and I can see the USB 3 information in System report, but all that happens is the lights on the USB stick flash and nothing else. I might try removing PXHCD.kext and just using DoiX's DSDT instead and see how that goes With the sleeping issue, I press sleep (or close the lid) the screen goes black but everything remains on. I can press caps lock on the keyboard and the capslock light turns on. So do the three buttons just below the screen and the power button light and xps light stays on. I have no idea why. Is it possible to log whats happening as the laptop goes to sleep? Edit: All was fixed by reinstalling ML