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  1. Hackintosh Dell Inspiron 530S

    I dont have a mac already....and i dont think that bios mod will work for my system, im using a desktop aswell idk if that makes a difference thanks for the help though...do you really think that guide would work for my system?
  2. Hackintosh Dell Inspiron 530S

    Dell Inspiron 530s (slimline) Processor: Intel e7300 dual core 2.66ghz GPU: ATI 4550 (Sapphire) 2 gigs of ram motherboard is intel g33 No wireless Card ive tried to install about 4 times but ive been getting nothing but kernel panics....and also when i tried to format one of the partitions on my 2tb HDD to mac osx journaled it ended up wiping my ENTIRE drive so now im stuck with no OS on my main computer and all my files are gone if you need anymore info please ask i just really want to get osx up and running p.s in my BIOS there is no option for ACHI I have IDE and RAID only. Thank you very much in advance for the help.
  3. Introduce yourself.

    hello all im deadly and im here to hackintosh my dell inspiron 530s