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  1. Out of ideas..Please help

    Hey Guys Thanks! In this case I'm talking about native installation but even on virtual machine I don't have luck to run anything I think something is wrong with my config......and my luck :0) Because I tried almost every version even and newer ones. Thank you very much for all advices. Best Regards.
  2. Out of ideas..Please help

    Thanks for the advice.I tried everything you said but the same result. After booting from the dvd "Press any key..darwin start (/) (\)after 2-3 sec my pc restrarting. Thank you! Any help is appreciate. Kindly waiting for respond.
  3. Out of ideas..Please help

    Thank you very much for the Respond I saw the version of Mountain Lion on the apple store.. I don't want to sound stupid but 19.99$ is this upgrade or full version? And the other thing..that I could not understand is how exactly I can buy ? Everywhere it says click the icon apple store but actually I don't have installed system on my pc. Thank you for the advice. Please waiting for your help. Best Regards.
  4. Out of ideas..Please help

    Thank you for the respond. I tried (boot flags) after loading like 10 sheets my Pc again restarting(Snow 10.6) In virtual Box (I ATKOS V7) after(boot flags) loading few sheets and then stops(Please see the pic below) My PC config is.. Cpu Intel Core i5-3470/3.2G/6MB/Box s.1155 4cores SSE4.1/4.2, AVX MB Gigabyte H61M-S2PV/H61/s.1155 Ram Kingston DDR3 8GB /1600MHz Video Card Nvidia GTS 450 1GB HD WD Caviar Black 1TB 7200/Sata3/64MB I tried also with other video card(Non Nvidia) >same result. I don't want to sound silly but could you recomend some version that is higher then 10.6 and you know it works well so I can try. Please could you post a link because I download like 5 times from different sources I atkos L2 I - recorded (7-8 times) all the time (error can't even boot and so on..) Thank you! Any Help is appreciate. Kindly Waiting for Help. Best Regards.
  5. Hello Guys! Kindly I would like to ask you for help. Here's my problem. I tried many versions(osX by hazard,I atkos,also Vmware lion's images)but without any success. A week ago I had "pentium dual core E 2500" after spending lot time trying to install different versions some of the them-the installation process was fine but after it was appeared small denied sign on the apple logo. On the Vmware and Virtual box it was an error like I need VT-x Visualization. After research I saw my Cpu does not have.So I understood why possibly the little deny sign appear after the install goes well. I bought new Cpu I5 E3470 which it has those.But now I'm stuck most then before I can't even start anything.When I try to boot (osX by hazard,I atkos S3,V7,L2...)press any key to load Darwin...when i press it after 2-3s loading my monitor turn off and my pc is restarting. I tried disable VT-x,-d different video cards but nothing.I can't even start any through virtual machine. Any help is appreciate. Thank you! Please Kindly waiting for your respond. Best Regards.