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  1. Are you serious man? A two year old post
  2. The Duet Breakout

    The duet:BREAKOUT is an upgrade for Apogee's portable interface, "The Duet". Providing durability with professional quality, the duet:BREAKOUT box replaces the breakout cable that Apogee provides, thus transforming the duet into the road-worthy interface it was meant to be. Whether you are trying to avoid a "rats-nest of cableage", demand a greater distance between your duet and its I/O, require different connectors other than the supplied break out cable, or you are simply tired of replacing your breakout cable because it just cant stand your abuse. FEATURES: Provides quality I/O for any duet without the mess of wires. Durable road ready housing High quality cable (Gepco) No more tangled wires No more ground buzz
  3. Snow leopard 10.6 First Video!

    my dev copy said 10.6 unless you clicked on it in the about this mac then it will say build number
  4. Here are my two entries
  5. My iMac G5 very slow

    I think you mean intel right ?
  6. I didnt actually boot from the disk but those were the install choices I had
  7. Completely Backup ipod 5.5g

    Se Who?? Sorry that what I wrote seemed a little confusing EDIT: Senuti will work for the songs and playlists, but what about the photos Any help?
  8. Hi, I found m 5.5g ipod and it was synced to a different os x install, and I would like to backup all the files, including the playlists and pics, but I don't want to add the music or photos to my itunes and iPhoto libraries. Is there a way I can do this and keep all of the files intact so I can load up the look-a-like classic firmware, and then restore everything back to it EDIT:Also, will loading a theme delete all the files on the ipod?
  9. New products at WWDC

    and cinema displays.......Built in iSight?
  10. USR Folder

    Partition your drive in disk utility so that there are two partitions, and install leopard on the empty partition, and then use migration assistant.
  11. It will say backup failed , and when I had 10.5.1 it just deleted the old backups
  12. Leopard Server Backdrop

    I have a yellowish green version if anyone is interested
  13. Well it doesn't matter what size your time machine partition is, it will only backup the space that you have used on your main hd.