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  1. 7970 mysteries in 10.9.2.

    You could try to edit the Junsai fb, there I got a better Luxmark, see post 1. I give up with the 7970 and sold it.
  2. Graphics Unavailable

    Maybe it will solve your problem. I'm not sure, since I don't have your exact hardware.
  3. Graphics Unavailable

    The following topic is a good start reading: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/249642-editing-custom-personalities-for-ati-radeon-hd45xxx/
  4. Graphics Unavailable

    The new ATI7xxx driver in 10.9.2. makes a lot of trouble. You can try different ATI framebuffers, maybe one will work for you graphic card.
  5. Graphics Unavailable

    If you monitor is with DisplayPort connected then use DVI. Can also try GraphicEnabler=YES.
  6. Clover General discussion

    Because you must insert your serial number there.
  7. The screenshot is a IOReg from a original MacbookAir 2013. You can see AAPL all over it. A search for AAPL in the complete IOReg finds it in the graphic section, USB section, PCI subsystem, network subsystem etc. So Apple is using AAPL A LOT.
  8. Help with DSDT injection 7970

    What bootloader are you using ?
  9. HD 7xxx-Can we eliminate the Sleep Trick?

    What is your little problem ?
  10. 7970 mysteries in 10.9.2.

    Thanks to Toleda for helping out with the correct GFX0 position in the DSDT: Device (PEGP) { Name (_ADR, 0x00010000) // _ADR: Address Method (_PRT, 0, NotSerialized) // _PRT: PCI Routing Table { If (PICM) { Return (AR02 ()) } Return (PR02 ()) } Device (PEGA) { Name (_ADR, Zero) // _ADR: Address Device (PLX0) { Name (_ADR, 0x00100000) // _ADR: Address Device (GFX0) { and bcc9 for updating the ati-personality.pl script. Still can't get the 7970 work with DP and DVI-DL. Posting some findings at Editing custom personalities for ATI Radeon HD[45]xxx - Page 36 - ATi - InsanelyMac Forum
  11. I'm using a ATI 7970 (aka R9 280X aka D700) in 10.9.1. it works OOB, in 10.9.2. it reboots OSX on boot before the Workspace opens. 7970 mysteries in 10.9.2. - ATi - InsanelyMac Forum Still trying to get it work, so here is some stuff I found out about the personalities in 10.9.2.: With 10.9.2. Apple changed the ConnectorInfos inside of ATI7000Controller.kext, so the patches from version <10.9.2. will not work anymore. Comparing the output of ati-personality.pl of 10.9.1. and 10.9.2. (release 62) shows that Apple changed exactly the 2 unknown bytes, after the Feature bytes and before the Transmitter byte. From original MacPro6,1 IOReg dumps its known that Apple using IkuraS, KaniS and MaguroS for their D300/D500/D700. Maybe the first unknown byte is just a counter for ports, since it's 01 02 03 04 05 06 for the 6 ports in this 3 personalities. I guess Apple don't care about personalities that they don't use, thats why this first unknown byte is 00 for other personalities with less then 6 ports. The second unknown byte changed from 00 to 07 for IkuraS, KaniS and MaguroS in 10.9.2. so it must be important for MacPro6,1. Apple also changed this second unknown byte from 00 to 01 for other personalities with 6 DP ports Junsai and OPM. Somebody knows where to find the ConnectorInfos for the default personality AMD,RadeonFramebuffer ? Because for me AMD,RadeonFramebuffer don't have any problems with ports in 10.9.1. It always detects the correct ports (any combinations of DVI,DVI-DL,DP, up to 5 displays) and gives the correct resolutions. It also gives the highest LuxMark for my card. So it would be interesting how that ConnectorInfo looks like.
  12. Thanks for the update, it works also in latest 10.9.2b62. In 10.9.1. I didn't need the script, my ATI graphic card worked OOB. But in 10.9.2. it's totally different. Can't even boot with a screen connected to a DP connector, it reboots right away before opening the Workspace. So I'm hoping I can fix it by patching connector infos.
  13. Maybe try http://rampagedev.wordpress.com/more-guides/hot-plugging-to-your-sata-ports/
  14. Clover General discussion

    Yes in the DeviceProperties folder are the results. But what I'm looking for are the real DSDT or SSDT commands, so I can adjust them and include in DSDT or SSDT and deactivate "Inject ATI". What Clover injects don't really fits my graphic card. There are to many different cards with the same PCI id. Thanks, khe91
  15. 7970 mysteries in 10.9.2.

    There are some symbolic names for PCI bridges missing in the DSDT, as long there is no name for pci-bridge@10 from IOReg I can't inject GFX0 at the correct position. GFX0 must be on the position display@0.