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  1. yeah ml is installed used the dvd atkos l2 everything working except if i got anything high powered my fan doesnt speed up and it over heats and turns off i need some sort of fan control software
  2. if i try install ktexs in terminal it asks me for root password but keyboard input doesnt work even setting password blank says incorrect password and i have root user enabled also since installing if i leave on for about 20 mins it overheats is there diffrent acpi or fan management software i can use?
  3. newbie to hackingtosh seeks help

    thanks everyone for all your help everything now working except i got 1 last little problem since installing this my laptop now overheats is there a generic i3 fan control driver or something to solve this?
  4. newbie to hackingtosh seeks help

    the wifi is sorted using diffrent card but internal sound is bit of a problem for me as i cant find a driver for it can anyone help? much apreciated
  5. newbie to hackingtosh seeks help

    BCM 4313 802.11B/G/N WIRELESS, INTEL S SERIES 3400 AUDIO ,ATI HD 5400 SERIES thease are drivers i need sorry for caps
  6. newbie to hackingtosh seeks help

    sorry for being abit dumb but where is that and how do i do that? i got keboard touchpad and ethernet all working now thanks to ###### theres only wifi i need fixing so if you can help me in noob terms id be much apreciated
  7. newbie to hackingtosh seeks help

    hmm i removed windows without checking the hardware ill have to reinstall it on small hard drive and check i found the wifi is wireless Broadcom 4313
  8. hi there i currently installed atkos l2 disc to my dell inspiron n5010 laptop and ant get the following to work properly i tweaked few things and tryed to get it working myself before posting here i cant get the mouse pad or laptops internal keyboard to work or it to detect wireless card sound or ethernet any help is apreciated thanks for your time in advance