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  1. voodoops2controller is great!!! Try that: http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/topic,257.0.html And if it works, make this: http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/...567.html#msg567 this is the only way that it worked for me. ...and if you have multimedia keys try Butler (sonotone posted a config file ready to use for most common apps). Try this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...hp/t110579.html ...or try searching "GMA 945 monitor" or "GMA 945 blank screen" or other related terms in the forum.
  2. Thanks a lot for your info, but finally I have reinstalled completely OSX. checkdisk found some bad sectors. Now I'm using 10.5.6 because I get internal subwoofer (but Safari 4 doesn't work). I hope that this new install doesn't crash my HD again...
  3. Bad news guys, I have a fatal issue: suddenly when I was on MAC, the system freezes and only I could see the death's spinning pizza wheel!!! I rebooted the system and in -v loading it shows a BAD FAILURE: Bsd root: disk0s2, major 14, minor 2 Disk0s2: I/O error I've tried to boot with -x or -f and nothing, tried to repair disk with disk utility (from DVD install) and fails in verification. Fortunately I can boot in XP, but if I explore my HFS partition with HFSExplorer, there are some folders that I can't access, like "system", the program says there's an error. (But fortunately I can access to my user's documents folder). I have a HD Hitachi 7200rpm 80Gb (HTS721080G9SA00). What happened? ¿How can I solve that? Is my hard disk broken? Can OSX86 break hard disks? Can fix it reinstalling OSX? in that case, how can I prevent this?
  4. I'm using this attached driver that I fount one day in this topic, but I don't remember where. With this driver (that works in 10.5.7) you mute internal speakers when plugged in, but you must unplug-plug every time you restart to mute internal speakers. Audio mutes 100% when you press the "mute" button. Also it sounds very good. Mic not tested. No internal subwoofer in i9400. You must use only these 2 kext (you must delete any related audio kext, like aclinject or others). There's another solution that doesn't require to unplug-plug to mute int. speakers at restart, but I don't know what is it. But it doesn't matter to me, because what I want is enable both line out + subwoofer in 10.5.7. I'm still waiting for that... AppleHDA_10.5.3_for_Dell_Inspiron_6400.dmg.zip
  5. Use these GFX drivers. I'm using them and I have Quartz Extreme and multimonitor enabled (no mirroring), and now with the super Sonotone solution you can awake your screen from sleep!!. I have your distro and your laptop and I upgraded by software update, but you must have some additional kext to update properly (applecpupowermanager, etc.). I don't know exactly because I installed iPC and following updated before installing nothing (I'm using tscsync kernel). Most of kext from 10.5.6 are compatible with 10.5.7. But tbcarey's sound solution doesn't work in 10.5.7. Actually I can't get both line out and internal subwoofer. EDIT: Another issue that I have discovered right now: "num lock" key doesn't work????
  6. Sonotone, I was thinking on that... (also sometimes the script doesn't work properly for me: sometimes the script only acts when I shutdown the computer (I have also 1st FastScript solution just in case...)) If sleepwatcher only works when going to sleep or awake, I think it's no necessary to check the file created by .sleep. In fact, .sleep is not necessary. I'm only working with ".wakeup" script with only one line on it: "cscreen -d 16 && cscreen -d 32". And works great and faster!!. EDIT: But the script also acts is you "awake" from normal, full sleep... also if your mouse is inactive some seconds, and when you go back from screensaver... I turn back to the original solution... with no wallpaper since time change... I found that my issue is caused by launching my script that restores wallpaper in .awake. Any suggestion is welcome!!
  7. Ok, I solved my issue: the only way to restore my icon was undocking it, restarting, and re-docking it!
  8. Hi all. suddenly my System Preferences icon appears like attached image!!! only in dock is corrupted, but in Applications folder or the "PrefApp.icns" shows good!! I,ve tried to dock/undock the icon, restart the computer and change the screen resolution but nothing!! Any suggestion??
  9. It only worked for me with these steps: http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/topic,257.0.html I select both options in installer (trackpad and voodoops2controller). In my case, keyboard worked better after installing this controller. All the keys are working well. BTW, DOES ANYBODY KNOW why my "pref panel" icon is corrupted in Dock????? (but in Finder, or if I open "PrefApp.icns" inside the prefpanel.app (contents/resources/prefapp.icns) it shows good!!!) [sOLVED] I undocked the icon, restarted, docked the icon and now it's ok!!!.
  10. You must use "voodoops2controller". Works perfectly (also 2 finger scrolling!!!)
  11. Sonotone: PERFECT!!!! thanks a lot. but I have an issue: when I awake screen, my desktop wallpaper disappears (I'm using also SwitchResX). EDIT: I think i'ts normal when changing both resolution or color depth. To restore it, I must uncheck/check "random order" option (because I use it). It's possible to make the script do this? (automatically uncheck/check "random order" to restore wallpaper after cscreen command). EDIT: I found the way to do that. I made an applescript named "random-wallpaper.app" with this code: Then I modified the .wakeup file like this: Now I can restore the wallpaper BUT ONLY IN main screen. Does anybody knows the correct applescript for external monitor? EDITED: I found it: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...080610081312728
  12. In my case, I have 10.5.7 and the icon works well, if I install the battery, the icon shows the remaining charge and all works fine. BUT always shows "Power Source: Battery", even if it isn't installed (only AC adapter). This makes me that I can't change the sleep mode (I'm always in mode (S3)). (Sleep works well but sometimes sleepimage fails and it's annoying). I'm using 10.5.7 vanilla appleacpiplatform, powermanagement.bundle (both extracted from apple combo update 10.5.7), removed applepowersource clamshelldisplay and laptopdisplay. I don't know how to resolve this issue.
  13. cogombo

    Sleep issue upgrading to 10.5.7

    Thanks for your reply. If I put "sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0" Terminal ask me for my password and then it doesn't say nothing. Always in mode S3. Another issue is that "pmset -g" always tells me that I'm in battery, even if i'm without battery, only with AC. (Maybe this is the main problem that don't lets me change hibernate mode). Anyway S3 mode work well: I can sleep and awake, even unplug AC, restart and system loads sleepimage. This happens to me even with 10.5.6 iPC fresh install. Actually I have kernel tsc patch, vanilla appleacpiplatform and vanilla powermanagement.bundle, all for 10.5.7. I've tried a lot of versions of appleacpiplatform and powermanagement.bundle with no results. System.log says: I'm using this battery icon solution that works well: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=114105 This issue also happes in 10.5.6. Actually I don't know how to solve this problem. Here are my "kextstat":
  14. Thanks a lot, Sonotone. Very useful ressources!!. The only issue is that the SwitchResX doesn't disable laptop screen light.
  15. cogombo

    Como instalar kernel

    Hola Argdis. Primero hay que matizar lo que comentas: - Kernel: es el nucleo del sistema, establecido en el archivo "match_kernel" y depende de la version que uses (10.5.5, 10.5.6, 10.5.7). Cuando se usa el kernel sin modificar (o cualquier cosa sin modificar) se dice que estás usando un "Kernel Vanilla" (vanilla significa "sin modificaciones", el original, sin parchear ni tocar). Dependiendo de tu sistema, deberás usar un kernel vanilla o un kernel parcheado. Yo, por ejemplo, como tengo un Dell Inspiron 9400, tengo que usar un kernel parcheado para que me reconozca los dos nucleos de mi procesador core2duo. (El kernel vanilla funciona en mi sistema pero solo reconoce con un nucleo). Deberás investigar cuál es el kernel correcto para usar con tu sistema. - Luego los "añadidos", drivers, parches, etc. son "extensiones del kernel" (por eso su extension es ".kext"). Si has instalado OSX y has conseguido arrancar, es facil hacer cualquier cambio al kernel base o añadir/modificar extensiones de kernel. Para ello, te recomiendo que uses el programa "osxtools", que tiene opciones para reemplazar el kernel base, instalar kexts, borrar caches, reparar permisos, etc. Si no consigues arrancar, como en tu caso, para instalar los kexts deberás copiarlos en la carpeta "system/library/extensions" mediante el macdrive. Pero antes de instalar un kext concreto (en este caso voodoo power) leete la documentación asociada porque para que funcione normalmente hay que quitar/reemplazar otros kext conflictivos y hay que saber cuales son.