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  1. RT @RyanMarshHoward: I wish Apple and CNN would just tell me whatever happened to that worker who triggered Hawaii's false missile alert! ????…

  2. RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Calling DDoSers "hackers" is like calling a waterboy a "fluid dynamics expert."

  3. Hi I loaded the USB Extras onto my USB drive and it resulted in a kernal panic, normal boot resulted in a do not sign. verbose boot showed that it was stuck on this: and it just gets stuck here..... any ideas? thanks for all of those helping.
  4. i dont need it to boot without USB, I am ok with booting off of USB but the problem is, it won't even let me boot normally using the USB bootloader....
  5. I did not add any extra kexts. I did install the Intel Graphics kexts via Kext Utility and what do u mean by the /Extras folder setup? do u mean on the flash drive? if so, then yes I do. I did not copy anything into the /Extras on the HDD
  6. I did delete the nVidia Kexts off of S/L/E as instructed by the guide
  7. Hi guys, I have an Asus N53SN i7-2630QM, nVidia 550M - 1366x768 res, etc... I've followed this guide and my computer will refuse to boot into Mac normally, it will boot up thru safemode (-x) but graphics is not fully enabled, along with a whole bunch of other stuff not working. When I have it boot thru the ###### USB, it will result in a white screen. When I use verbose boot (-v) it will get stuck on: IOBluetoothHCIController::setConfigState........ and the screen turns grey and I can't read the text anymore... Please instruct me. Thanks!