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  1. Hey all , i was successful in installing booting and updating a virtual box of OSX Snow Leopard on an Intel Sandy Brigdge I7 , with the help of a boot disk. I am trying to the same thing with the amd equivalent boot disks OSX86_ModCD-032311-151021 installing off a retail image of OSX SL and run into a snag. The system boots fine from the disk running the rd(0,0)/Extra/modbin_kernel , as well as finds the hard ware from VB , and will even install , however once installed the chamelon boot loader shows , then the apple screen shows , and stops there. No errors , no kernel panic , no spinny circle. Just quits. I have tried 5 different boot disks , all work the same. Anyone have any ideas ? Processor is an AMD FX - 4100 but as i said all of this is running on Virtual Box. oh as an update i ran it as a -v and tried to screen shot but it goes black as soon as i click out ... the last thing i saw was Starting Darwin x86 and something about couldn't find AHCI screenshot attached :