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  1. I've tried your latest W520-DSDT-2-Quadro-1000m.aml (renamed to dsdt.aml an placed in Extra) but it's still the same.
  2. thank you for great guide Josh! your video shows completely different approach agains what I've always been doing with Uni****t ... the system's running faster, no crashes so far... but my sound, usb3, sleep mode & SD card reader does not work. Is it the way it's supposed to be or I'm missing something on my W520? I used the kext you listed here earlier (ML10.8) and placed DSDT.aml for W520 in Extra. Tom
  3. Hi Joss, When I replace device (HDEF) layout on my W520 "dsdt.aml" as you adviced I will get an error - would you please have a look at the screenshot enclosed? I might be doing something wrong, excuse me please.. I'm very new to OSx86. I've tried to place my patched dsdt.aml file to /Extra/ but OS does not pick it up (when I reboot and extract DSDT again, the content is original). After I install AppleHDA (using kext wizard), my OS failes to start, I needs to restore to get back. Any idea? This is original content... Device (HDEF) { Name (_ADR, 0x001B0000) Name (_S3D, 0x03) Name (RID, 0x00) Name (_PRW, Package (0x02) { 0x0D, 0x04 }) Method (_PSW, 1, NotSerialized) { Noop } }
  4. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    Hi Simon, I'm really sorry to trouble you again with this but my osx86 ended up belly up and i cant start it up and restoring again would you do me a massive favour and explain me a bit more in details how you have done it, what tools did you use? I'm trying to apply what you say on Gothic's guide.. but i've probably misunderstood something and so i keep breaking my system over and over. Did you use ##### at all? (what setting?) how did you get your smbios.info and the othe info file to the system? I'm sure you know this but you can get a replacement for your internal wifi card that's suppose to work (one with atheros chipset listed here / ebay - 5$) Is your USB3.0 working as well? The webcamera? Tom
  5. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    Hi Simon, Would you be please so kind and summarize what you've done? I have exactly the same W520 like you.. but get all sort of troubles running 10.8.1 on it. Did you manage to make the original intel wifi work? What kexts did you use for the soundcard? Card reader? None if mentioned work for me.... Thank you, Tomas
  6. Hi, thank you for he kext! I will give it a go tommorow morning.. got to run now! not sure what you mean by DSDR HDEF layout 0xc is needed - I know there's DSDT.aml in [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520 - can that be used? Cheers, Tom
  7. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    Hi, I'm very new to OSx86 so I'm very sory about any silly questions in advance... but I'm been looking for a solution for quite some time and finally decided to ask here as I'm not getting anywhere :-( I've installed Mountain Lion 10.8.1 using ###### on my W520 and now I'm trying to sort out HW using the guide here but my W520 always get stuck after the reboot. I know this guide is for Lion distro... but I believe some steps may be the same - so I've been trying to follow this guide. I started with the chameleon and made org.chameleon.Boot.plist and SMBios.plist files and placed them in /Extra, than I run ###### 5.0.2 looking slightly different - screenshot enclosed. After reboot my OSX is stuck. I also tried to install VoodooHDA-2.7.3 but during OSX start I got a lot of terminal text and OSX got stack as well (both installations gone throught no problem, also tried them separately - in all three cases the same result) Anybody any idea what I'm doing wrong? Any help will be very appreciated.... Tomas
  8. Introduce yourself

    Hi, I'm very new to OSx86, love my iPhone 4S, iPad3 and trying to my Lenovo W520 with Mountain Lion 10.8.1 that I've recently installed on it - first impression it looks great... but it seems I've got quite a long way to get it work as it really should. I work as IT system specialist / windows / vmware / cisco........... networks.... Tom
  9. Hi, Anybody tried to install OSx86 v10.8.1 on Lenovo W520? I'm very new to OSx86 but must say after the instalation (######) there's quite few devices not working. I've tried some procerures listed here in some other forums related to Lion instalation but mostly my OSX crashed :-( Any help would be very much appreciated. Tom