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  1. Not all RAM available

    Bios don't have any memory parameters, only show how much ram i have. I and my friend find bug: chameleon (latest from SVN and an another versions) show parameters of ram's slots, but use only one slot minus graphic memory (Intel HD4000, in bios is parameter for setting how much memory i want)
  2. Not all RAM available

    But what problem with ram?
  3. Not all RAM available

    Hello. I have ASUS N56VZ. Ethernet AR8161 (work with kext) WiFi AR9485 (don't work) i7 3610GM Intel HD4000 (full work) gt650m 2gb ddr3 (don't work because optimum) 4 x USB 3.0 (work) i use patched chameleon (bug with ram was on original chameleon too) with own dsdt. Sleep work. In "About Mac" 8 GB RAM, in Monitoring only 3,25gb. Why? How to fix? I think system work in 64 bit, but how to check?
  4. Netbook hot key driver Asus Dell HP

    Can you post source code? or link to get it.