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  1. Hi all - I'm having a heck of a time getting Clover working on a KVM VM of macOS Sierra 10.12.5 and am in need of some advice. I've read through the whole thread and across multiple installation guides, etc. but am yet to find a solution to the problems I'm facing here. Where I am currently: - ArchLinux - fresh install with latest kernel, etc. - I can boot the system using enoch_rev2889_boot with no problems at all (yay!) - Booting Clover using resolution 800x600 (no more crazy borky graphics on the boot screen) - Using the latest git checkout of qemu so the patches for not needing FakeSMC are there (hence how I can start without issue using enoch_rev2889) - Installed FakeSMC anyway using the Clover method - this starts because the boot status shows "FakeSMCKeyStore: started" - Tried booting both WITH and WITHOUT the latest dsdt provided at https://github.com/qemu/qemu/blob/4f7ab0cdbccfc1d0a3a6d0a7c9a22d8a90d9e2f0/pc-bios/q35-acpi-dsdt.aml ) What isn't working: - When I try to boot using Clover (tried MANY builds of OVMF and the latest Clover build) I only get as far as: AppleCredentialManager::start called AppleKeyStore starting (BUILT: Jun 15 2017 18:08:56) Strangely - I did have the system booting completely in Clover earlier but that was with crazy messed up graphics (completely mangled - seems to be a problem with the resolution being set too high.) Now with that issue fixed and the boot screen actually looking sensible (i.e. the apple logo looking fine) if I run in graphical mode (i.e. without -v) I just never get the progress bar and in verbose I see the status above and then nothing. Any advice or guidance anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated! Really starting to lose my mind here! NOTE: I'm not trying to run any PCI passthrough here - running currently with qxl but I've tried with VGA also. Strangely VMVGA option always presents a blank screen and no output at all with Clover but works fine with enoch.
  2. Clover General discussion

    I've read around the web (and even in this thread) that some people have managed to get Clover to run on an Intel Baytrail netbook/tablet (ASUS T100 in my case.) The issue I'm having here is because this netbook runs on a 64bit CPU but only has a 32bit UEFI bootloader - I am unable to actually start the Mavericks installer - as in, you get the screen flicker and nothing happens. I *have* managed to get Clover to start and I can see the disk by using HFSPlus.efi but I simply cannot make this thing start up the Mavericks installer. Can anyone help? I do understand that the T100 isn't supported and I'm not expecting any further support once I can get past the Clover part - I would sure appreciate some help on the Clover side though! I have installed HFSPlus.efi (the ia32 build) in the drivers32 and drivers32UEFI folders respectively (just to make sure I have all bases covered) and have also installed the 64bit build to both drivers64 and drivers64UEFI (not necessary I'm sure but worth a shot!) but as I say - no action! Has anyone seen this before? I know trying to start a 64bit OS from a 32bit bootloader isn't the prettiest implementation but unfortunately this is all I have to work with!