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  1. Hi @nijhawank, Here is my cpu idle activity. It certainly Between 1.5 to 2 in idle condition. Yours feels little Bit up. I think SSDT-CPU is required to inject plugintype with CPUFriend kext.
  2. Yes it is, I had some problem loading X86PlatformPluginInjector kext after upgrading from mojave to cataline. I had to move the injector plugin from c/k/o to l/e to load properly, As I like to load everything from c/k/o, I switched to CPUFriend kext. both perform as same though.
  3. Hi @nijhawank, I tried to enable hibernate on my T460 but with hibernate mode 3 or 25, the system goto sleep ok but doesn't hibernate at all. I have tried conbination of HibernationFixup.kext and RTCMemoryFixup.kext but with no luck. I have attached below my EFI folder if you want to see the config file. CLOVER.zip
  4. Hi, &adaml75 Use below script to grenerate customized SSDT or Kext for your CPU power management. Then use it with CPUFriend.kext. https://github.com/corpnewt/CPUFriendFriend Also use LFM: 04 and EPP: 80
  5. Yes, updated it yesterday, and everything is working as usual. No problem at all.
  6. Try Kexts from the below link. They are modified for DW 1820A. Works great on my system. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11540-dw1820a-the-general-troubleshooting-thread/?do=findComment&comment=92833
  7. Too bad. I also don't have the required skill set to solve this problem. @Slice Could you please help us to figure out how to initiallize this lowlevel registers in fresh boot. Regards, Junaed
  8. junaed.rx

    Hackintool v2.8.6

    Hi @headkaze, At first thanks for your nice tools. I have a feature suggestion. Could you please add a CPU tab where CPUFriend related SSDT or CPUFriendDataProvider.kext can be generated. Alternatively who doesn't prefer CPUFriend can generate x86platformplugininject.kext with piker's freqVectorEdit.sh for cpu power management. I think this would help so much people with power management issue. Regards, Junaed
  9. Thanks for the info. I think either patch or non patch is ok.
  10. Hi @nijhawank, Could you show a picture of PPMC on ioreg and what's being loaded under it.
  11. Hello @nijhawank, nice finding, I frequently got eficheck error after restart this might solve this. After deleting lpc ssdt and adding eficheck disabler kext with out the dsdt patch applied, the eficheck stoped loading and everything working as before. Under PPMC device AppleIntelPCHPMC is loaded, is this normal? or do I need to still rename PPMC >> PMCR. If loading AppleIntelPCHPMC is only thing needed I don't think dsdt patch is required. I attached a ioreg image for comparison.
  12. Thanks @Styxie, I will try that, I only had x86platformplugininject on c/k/o before.
  13. I used hackintool >> tools >> get appleintelinfo (which loads piker's appleintelinfo kext to get p states). Also "sudo kextstat | grep -y plugininject" doesn't show the plugin loded. Also I can see on ioreg that on frequency vector default value is loaded not injected value from tlucks x86platformplugininject.
  14. X86platformplugininject Not loading on catalina. Anyone know how can I fix this. Getting very bad p states
  15. Completely understandable. And can't thank you enough for the work already done for hackintosh community by you. regards, Junaed
  16. So no hope of surviving extinction . By the way I read this device is problematic on Catalina with injector kext too.
  17. Injector is not needed with those kext. they work perfectly without injector on Mojave.
  18. Hello @Mieze, With your kext bluetooth firmware got uploaded successfully but doesn't work correctly but with the attached kext bt works perfectly. Could you please look into this please. Here is the log from the working kext on restart after adding it - And here is log from your BrcmPatchRAM3 upon fresh Boot: And here upon wake from sleep log: And thanks for you effort. regards, junaed MacOS (Hackintosh).zip
  19. Hello @rlp, I have the same problem with LGD Touch Panel on my T460. In T460 guide section many with Touch Panel have this same brightness problem. I think clover can't activate this device properly on boot. Another thing I noticed on windows with MonitorinfoView shows 2 EDID for this panel. That could produce problems I think. This thing should be bug reported to whatever green thread. If anything new comes up please let me know. regards, junaed
  20. Thank you for your tremendous work. Love it. Here is a log from wake from sleep on Mojave 10.14.6, if it helps:
  21. Log from fresh boot on Mojave 10.14.6:
  22. Hi guys, Just curious, does anyone experimenting with OpenCore and Catalina on this device. Please give a shout.
  23. Hello guys, I have a comparison to make. Does everybody's AppleACPIEC bound to boot-ec or under EC where it should be bound to.
  24. hey @nijhawank try using verleihnix config.plist. using his EFI folder got my backlight problem unintentionally solved. Thanks @verleihnix again. The only thing different on verleihnix config from mine is under device tag <key>FakeID</key> <dict> <key>IntelGFX</key> <string>0x0000</string> </dict> @tluck could you please add this to your repos config.plist, I think this is required for some of the thinkpads backlight to work properly.
  25. Thanks man really appriciate it.