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  1. Hi, I'm on iMac 13,2 and have generated an SSDT.aml file, put it in the Extra folder, checked DropSSDT in Chameleon Wizard, but I'm only getting 8, 16 as P states. As for my DSDT, I only patched it for HDMI audio (which works). Any idea what could go wrong? Attached my dsdt and ssdt files. Thanks in advance! MB is Z77-HD4 by the way. EDIT: I just found out I should have posted in the Power Management sub-forum. Sorry for that. Please move the thread if possible. Archive.zip
  2. Random freezes

    Hi, I installed mavericks on my pc 2 days ago, and been enjoying it since. Yesterday I had to install a patched AppleHDA for onboard sound - Realtek ALC887 (I have been using my GPUs hdmi audio until now but I need to be able to use the microphone jack). Since then I've been experiencing random freezes. It only happens when I use the computer, but not when I use a specific program (I mean, it froze when I watched a movie, or played around with the maps app, or when I was just surfing the internet, but it stayed on all night without freezing). I also installed an app called "freezefix" but it didn't seem to help I guess (If I remember correctly, freezefix is supposed to fix freezes caused by the GPU... which proves my theory that it's actually related to the kext I installed). Is there a way to find out for sure? and how can I possibly solve it without losing onboard sound card support? EDIT: By freeze I mean I can't do anything but hard-restart. EDIT2: Reverted to the original applehda, still freezing after 1-2 hours. Build: CPU: Intel i5 3570k GPU: Sapphire AMD HD7950 3GB OC RAM: 2x4GB corsair vengeance MB: Gigabtye z77-hd4 Thanks!
  3. Hi, I installed osx 10.9 and it works quite well. I only have 2 problems: 1. No audio. I'm using an HDMI connection through the gpu. I tried following this guide https://github.com/toleda/audio_hdmi_hd4000 but i'm getting the following errors after applying the relevant patch (IB2): 7065 Error Object not found or not accessible from scope (_SB.PCI0.PEGP) 7065 Error Forward references from Scope operator not allowed (_SB.PCI0.PEGP) 9068 Error Internal compiler error (could not map type) 9068 Error Invalid type ([Reference] found, Notify operator requires [Device|Processor|Thermal]) I have no idea how to fix it... wouldn't mind some help on the matter. Here's my untouched dsdt, and the patch I'm trying to apply. I'm also ready to try different methods, I just want audio to work! EDIT: Fixed. Apparently I was unknowingly editing the same dsdt file over and over. Unfortunately, there is still no audio output from my gpu. 2. Bootloader does not work. When I try to boot I'm getting something like: GPT: test boot0:test boot0:done *a lot of gibberish here* and nothing happens. I installed chameleon using the wizard. Thanks in advance! ib2-hdmi_audio_ami_efi_hd4000-1.txt
  4. I think it was only for the installation process or something... well if you haven't heard of it than it is either wrong or outdated. As for tonymac, I'm sorry, didn't know it was a `commercial spin-off`. So basically, I shouldn't have to edit any settings in the bios?
  5. Thank you. I have looked in the link you attached. I've read before that I first have to edit some BIOS options and also change the primary GPU to the integrated one. None of this is included in the guide you linked me to. What is right then?
  6. Hi, I installed OSX on my previous, old PC and loved it. Since then, I bought a new PC and would like to return to the mac experience. Since I'm not an expert in this field, I would like to ask whether my build is good enough to serve as an hackintosh, and how well at that: Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3570K Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77-HD4 Graphics Card: SAPPHIRE HD 7950 3GB OC GDDR5 (AMD) RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 Mhz CL9 (If i remember correctly... it is 2x4GB though for sure) I know AMD GPUs are not supported 100%, but I'd also like to know how it's going to affect me. Thanks in advance!
  7. 1+2 - I don't even know my motherboard... everest on windows only wrote "HP paviliong g6 notebook pc"... so it's impossible for me to find the right patches for me... 3 - will take a look at it later 4 - Should both be removed? I still have sleep enabler... 5 - will do later as well. (when i have access to the laptop.) editt Edit : 1+2 ) Still d/k what to do with them.. 3) was already patched (8086 - 3b09) 4) with only nullcpupowermanagement removed - black screen with cursor (everything is still running), with both.. (tba) 5) installed edit 2: Here's the DSDT.aml file I'm using... (extracted using dsdt editor) and my everest report for pc specs. I'd love if someone could take a look and let me know what to do. I also have a brightness problem.. cant change the brightness at all.. the keyboard keys don't work (while audio keys do), and programs like shades/brightness control simply don't work. Another problem is with the cam which used to work and suddenly Photo Booth/FaceTime don't recognise, which i could live with but i know its still possible to fix it must be something I installed... dsdt.rtf spec.rtf
  8. I installed ML on my laptop and the only problem that's left for me to fix is the sleep problem. Whenever I click on SLEEP the screen goes white with a little black square until I press a keyboard button and then it goes to the login screen. The cpu and fan are still working. I tried to change the hibernatemode, delete nullcpu...kext, replace appleintelcpupowermanagement kext, and install sleepenabler.kext. Nothing worked I dont have a DSDT file as well since I couldn't find any for my laptop. Any help is appreciated!