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  1. Hmm, okay, but is it possible with the Niresh distro? What version of OS X would that hardware be compatible with? 10.8.0 or 10.8.2 or etc? Thanks And I might need to follow another tutorial that doesn't require another installation of OS X..
  2. Hey guys, so I'll be picking up my PC soon, and they have the following specs: Gigabyte H61M-DS2 Intel Dual Core G2010 GT 610 Can I turn that PC into a complete Hackintosh? What tutorial should I follow that'll allow me to use a distro + USB installation or DVD installation? Many thanks! Have been wanting to built a Hackintosh and I hope my specs are good, hopefully I can find a tutorial that'll cover everything including how to get the resolution to work, GPU, drivers, sound, etc
  3. Hey everyone. This is my first time posting here, and if I'm posting in the wrong section, Mods please feel free to move this topic to the correct section. Anyways, I've never installed OS X on my PC before. I've only installed 10.6 on Virtualbox and 10.8 on VMWare Workstation. So I want the real deal. The best experience. And I've thought of installing it on my PC, but I'm afraid I do not have the required. So what I want is to dual boot Windows 7 and 10.8 or 10.7 on my PC, on the same hard drive. I only have 1 hard drive. Let me start of with the most information I can provide to you experts - I currently have Windows 7 installed on my hard drive. - I only have 1 hard drive. (500GB) - I have an 8GB USB stick and I do not have a blank DVD. - I do not want to reformat my hard drive in order to dual boot on the same hard drive. - My system specs are: Asus P8H61-M LE, i3 2100, GTS 450 (Can I get a good/full experience on this? Most importantly is with QE/CI enabled) So yeah. I do not know if I am able to dual boot 10.7 or 10.8 on my PC, with the same hard drive, with Windows 7 installed first. And if I can, can I get a good/full experience? Hopefully if it's possible for me to do it, I need a tutorial. All in all, thanks in advance