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  1. If I purchase the 10.8.2 version I do not know if I can use that version for Virtual Box.
  2. My apologies I am very grateful for all the advice and help on this forum. I just get a bit frustrated as I am sure others when something doesn't go correctly. I have OSX via Virtual Box and I think I need to re-install version 10.8.1 in order to try the drivers.
  3. I followed the tutorials in this forum numerous times and just keep hitting a dead end How can I get my Video card compatible as a Quartz Extreme to run a program? Thanks
  4. Well here is the dilema In my MacOSX disk utility when I try to partition during the process I get a power down machine message and it never completes the partition which is why I thought if I partition it using Windows for the specs in this guide I can have that part done correctly.
  5. I tried to start over from scratch and the problem I am having is when I have a usb drive and partition it in OSX it comes up Please power off machine and turn back on about half way through. Is there a way to format / partition it as guild/Mac OSX Journaled etc in windows?
  6. I think I am going to redo my VB install and then follow these steps too many issues I am getting.
  7. I know I followed the steps it's just not there. I am trying something else I will let you know.
  8. I now have my drive partitioned I have the ML .iso not dmg file. I will try to continue to follow the guide this evening. The reason why I flipped through Windows etc. was for the files on external drives. I get a memory low disk space message since its only 20GB for the virtual OSX. Will I be able to fix this once I have it native?
  9. I'm stuck on 2B 2 I want to dl another copy of ML in dmg format as suggested. I tried the others but they aren't cooperating so I want to play it safe and dl a new copy. Any suggestions as to where? I don't remember where I got the first copy. Thanks
  10. what does that mean then? I tried an external HD and partitioned it etc and still same issue. It came back up and it is partitioned so i will continue.
  11. I started the process and step 2-6 after hitting apply a few seconds later it says mounting then a black screen pops up to restart the computer. Is this what it's supposed to do?