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  1. Abysmal HDD Speed.

    same here, nforce 520 asrock mobo ummm, on my laptop it's decent, and very fast boot also compared to the desktop
  2. x1400 mobility

    hi all i am a complete newbie to mac osx [but i know my way around win and hardware] i have tried tried to install 10.4.8 on my lap ... after finishing install and reboot .. osx86 is trying to start but it halts after the grey apple color boot screen [sometimes the blue background apears and sometimes the screen remains black] my config: toshi a100 core duo T2050 x1400 ... i have searched and read all that i could find ... seems x1400 is problematic is there any chance i could boot my toshi in osx? is there a safe mode or any way to be able to load or change the x1400 settings [newbie, i told ya'] and i suppose kext's ar smth like drivers in win, right? hope i posted in the right section