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  1. use the EVEREST software in Windows XP or Vista to identify it.
  2. Hi, bronxboyXXX, Apprieciate all ur efforts, u bring us luck but My ALC262 Sub ID is out of ur modified kext list... Mine was 0x17ff0590, it means that's an ALC262_590 ? Could u plz give me any tips or a modified kext about that, i have upload it here... Actually, the dump text (i dump it using a unbuntu7.10 live CD) make me crazy... ALC262_590_codec_dump.txt.zip My ALC262 was work with AppleHDAPatcherv1.20 internal speakers= yes headphones= yes (using the same channel with internal speakers, the real headphone is unavailable) digital out= not tested Mic= unavailable Thanks a lot !!!