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  1. this make me want a Apple TV
  2. will iAtkos v7 work? also I tried the voodoohda and it made my ports show up in the system pref. but no sound just air from the iMix and Mic channels. when I turn them up they give air through my speakers. also how come the kalyway install will boot with all for cores?
  3. imix

    i installed the newest voodoohda.kext and the prefpane but only seem to hear something when I turn iMix all the way up and the mic up. but all I hear is air from the speakers
  4. where do I download the voodoo 9.5 kernel and the kexts?
  5. Q6600

    can anyone tell me why I cant use my other cores in kalyway10.5.2? my specs in sig
  6. XFX MG-63MI-7159 no ethernet or sound in 10.5.2 kalyway and vanilla kernel doesn't work even though I have q6600 of a nforce north and south board and I cant boot without cpus=1
  7. XFX MG-63MI-7159 no ethernet or sound in 10.5.2 kalyway and ipc 10.5.6 give that funny device buffer thing and vanilla kernel doesn't work even though I have q6600 of a nforce north and south board
  8. instant message me e4sycure YIM CyrisPC AIM ssjmysticgohan10
  9. boot with the kernel flags -v cpus=1 and post the message you get just before you see the "panic" and you systems specs or we cant help you
  10. Help Me Get OS X ON PS3

    Dont mean to be an {censored} but LMFAO at this thread lol this has probably already been said but this will NEVER and I mean NEVER work and for 2 simple reasons 1. mac has moved away from power PC processors G5 and G4 can barely run tiger and leopard and they are macs. also ps3 has a CUSTOM POWER PC processor. 2. you'll never be able to install it to the hdd even if you did get the install disc to boot. the ps3 has a hardware "police" agent built into it on a board level that provides code not made for or by sony and its partners from running properly. you should probably wait until we get linux working 100% before trying a FreeBSD unix variation like mac os x
  11. iAtkos v7 kernel panic IOATAPI

    to be honest from my experience the voodoo kernel is the worst kernel there is. its panics more then it works
  12. XFX MG-63MI-7159

    can anyone tell me why I get a kernel panic and restart when using the vanilla kernel? I have q6600 I thought that kernel worked on intels with SSE3 instruction set
  13. Hangs at Apple logo when I boot from DVD

    you getting a kernel panic somewhere use -v and boot it and tell me what your panic is

    did you try booting with one of the other kernels like this -v cpus=1 sleepkernel or kayblkernel stuff like that? list your bios cpu features and acpi features cuz I believe it does have to do with cpu or acpi. I get that same error when trying to boot the vanilla kernel even though I have intel processor. weird huh?