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  1. Hi, i'm a newbie in osx86 world and im trying to install iatkos sl 3 on a eeepc 1000h netbook. Actually i've a system running but the touchpad doesn't work. My installation routine was: 1.- Installed XP in a 16 gbs fat32 partition. 2.- Installed Chamaleon 3.0 for windows as bootloader into win xp 3.- i disabled Ethernet and Bluetooth from BIOS. Transfer de iaskos iso to 16 gbs partition fat32 (called "Instalacion") using the Leopard HD Installer Helper (No any check EFI 8, boot.ini.) 4.- Booting with chamaleon, select the partition "Instalacion" and i've installed the distro in a 32 gbs partition HFS format. 5.- The Instalation is done, all things runs, wifi, keyboard, VGA, etc. But the touchpad NO WAY in order to works. I'm trying checked the PS/2 Apple and Voodoo options in Personalite PS2 Section. Any tip? any help are welcome. Thanks in advance. Sorry about my english, it isnt my maternal language. Regards. Juan