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  1. I was told by a Apple support represenative that Timemachine was going to be discontinued in favor or iCoud backup. I'm not sure this makes any sence in any way. Is there some part of this that is correct? Is USB backup storage or Timemachine being discontinued? Is Apple forcing backups to the cloud? If so, how many days will it take for me to recover my 2TB's of data from the cloud on 10mbps Cable internet.
  2. dreary79

    GM on Pirate Bay?

    Agreed, you will never see a GM build, they are all fake because there will never be one made. Quit looking and wait for the only final version that will come out... the retail version.
  3. I have no problem installing "JaS 10.4.8 AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2.iso" as long as I have no drivers selected for the installation along with X11 unchecked for the installation. If I check any of those I get a please reboot your computer error on startup. I also can't name the partition in disk utilites. If I leave it as "Untitled 1" it installs and boots. Once OSx is installed in this manner and boots successfully I cannot install nvidia video drivers. Well they will install, but then OSX won't boot. I get the reboot error again. Thx for any helf that can be given. =) GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 V1.3 INTEL C2D E6400 2.13G 775 2M 1Gx2 TRANS JM2GDDR2-8K EVGA 7900GS KO 256-P2-N624-AR Hatachi SATA Liteon IDE with SATA adapter
  4. I've been to a lot of concerts and have seen a lot of good ones and bad ones. But the one I thought of when I first saw the topic was an MxPx concert I went to at the Big Easy in Boise, ID. Their stage presence is amazing and I loved all the guitar aerobatics.
  5. If my wife saw that on my desktop should would be worried about me. If I saw it on her desktop I would be worried about her. But it is an interesting picture.
  6. Oracle67, thx for responding mercifully to my flaming. I was just getting frustrated. They are both SATA HD's... one is 60GB, the other is 250GB. So I should partition my HD first and then install OSx. After that, how do I install XP? Do I just install it like normal, install it through a virtual software, or use something like bootcamp? I want to be able to run XP in a dual boot, but to also be able to access that same XP virtually. Will both virtual softwares run an "NTFS" xp partition? Thx for your help =)
  7. Read my post and then maybe you'd know what I'm talking about. Do you have a problem with newbs because you're so smart? Am I posting in the wrong spot. Why do I need a problem? I just want to know what steps I need to take when I get my hardware. Maybe you should have posted your problem with newbs before you made your first post. GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 V1.3 INTEL C2D E6400 2.13G 775 2M 1Gx2 TRANS JM2GDDR2-8K EVGA 7900GS KO 256-P2-N624-AR I'm not sure what HD I'm using yet. I have a 60GB Hatachi and 250GB WD
  8. Wow, I didn't expect that. My first post I had someone that was very happy to help me. So I'll use your forums format... so that I can maybe get my question answered. Identifying the problem: This is my problem, I've read tons of posts and tutorials and I still don't know what to do. Research the problem BEFORE you post: Giving the information: Do I really need to post my hardware for this question? I just want a link to a tutorial or information on the best way to dual boot as I discribed. Be polite: I feel like my first post was polite and I am doing my best to make this one as well. Don't ask a question and then never respond: I'm responding now. Say "Thank You": I said, "thx =)" in my original post and here is another "thx =)" to whoever is willing to help me. Don't start a flame war: I'm doing my best to not start a flame war. I don't understand the purpose of Oracle67's post or if he's just trying to get rid of newbs.
  9. dreary79

    Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Thread

    I just ordered this board and get it on Tuesday!!! =) One Question: When I hook up my LiteOn IDE burner using the SATA adapter will I experience and problems in speed or burn quality in XP or OSX?
  10. I will be dual booting XP Pro and OSx86. I would like to run them on the same HD. I would also like to access my XP Pro partition with VMWare. Is there a tutorial on doing this? What order do I take? Should I setup my XP partition first or should I use Bootcamp after an OSx install? thx =)
  11. dreary79

    Newb Getting Hardware

    Thx for welcoming me. I'm excited to be part of this group. I already ordered the motherboard knowing that it took some work. Maybe I should have went for the 975... oh well. Thx both of you for you help.
  12. I want to build my first OSx86 PC. I'm going to order these today if people thinks it's a good way to go. -Graphics Card: EVGA 7900GS KO 256-P2-N624-AR R - Retail Price=$149.99 -Motherboard: GIGABYTE|GA-965P-DS3 V1.3 R - Retail Price=$99.99 -CPU: INTEL|C2D E6400 2.13G 775 2M R - Retail Price=$188.00 -RAM: 1Gx2|TRANS JM2GDDR2-8K R - Retail Price=$84.99