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    Build or use current?

    Hey everyone, I was going to buy a Mac mini, and was waiting on refresh, however I think a hackintosh would be better. I'll get more hardware for my money. I'm considering dual booting my current machine, for testing, while I build a home server. Here is current machine; I5 2500k MSI Z68A-GD65 (g3) 16gb gskill ripjaws ddr3 1333mhz, cl9 (4x4gb) Crucial M4 128gb 2x hitachi deskstar 7k1000.d MSI Twin Frozer II, 6950 2GB, shaders unlocked. Logitech 510 keyboard Logitech MX revolution mouse Asus VG-236HE monitor WD MBL 3tb NAS I plan to build a mini-itx machine similar to Mac mini for home server for media/home automation software. I'm trying to find best setup, and hoping for some new boards to come out with TB port etc. I'll use a KVM, and keep current keyboard and mouse. I'd like to dual boot my current machine for testing, and starting my automation build. I don't see a DSDT for my mobo anywhere. Is one not required with ML? Any other major issues? If there are, is there an up-to-date hardware list. I'd love it 100% native supported, and will buy hardware accordingly. Thanks
  2. I looked in the sticky, tried the link, but it's dead. Where can I discuss purchase advice to build a hackintosh?