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  1. need driver for Atheros AR8161

    Up ^^^^^ noboday has as8161 lan adaptor ?!!!
  2. need driver for Atheros AR8161

    after that i used it . ethernet recognise by mac and got ip . but it can not connect to the internet and it can not connect and find the other systems in network also after i restart system network get disable. i have to shutdown system to solve this problem . any suggestion
  3. need driver for Atheros AR8161

    any suggestion !!
  4. need driver for Atheros AR8161

    unfortunately It does not work too can u convert linux driver to mac os !? (is it possible)
  5. need driver for Atheros AR8161

    i got error System extension cannot be used ..... i restart my sustem and run this command again there is no error but ethernet does not recognize (I think kext file has problem and it's not for as8161)
  6. need driver for Atheros AR8161

    after run these commands Mac os tells: System extensions cannot be used. what should i do
  7. need driver for Atheros AR8161

    Yes . I checked repairPermissions in KextsWizard I Also installed by kexts utility but it's not work !
  8. need driver for Atheros AR8161

    I installed this kexts file but ethernet card does not recognise by MacOS ( Atheros AR8161 is a new model and i think it's completely different by the other Atheros cards
  9. need driver for Atheros AR8161

    This is not working too my VenID is = 1969 and Dev Id is = 1091 is this usefull to someone a create kexts file i Also Have a wireless Network Adaptor Ralink RT2800 (You can see in picture) is not working too with VenID 1814 DevID 0601
  10. need driver for Atheros AR8161

    I did it- but it does not work - my Network card is not wireless (it's Ethernet) How can i get Atheros AR8161 device id 0034 does not work Atheros AR8161 kexts need . plz
  11. need driver for Atheros AR8161

    could you tell me more . what should i change and edit?
  12. need driver for Atheros AR8161

    What you mean?! Kexts.com does not have Atheros AR8161 driver
  13. I have a asus P877h-v Mainboard - Mountain Lion installed and work perfect. except Network Connection I need Kexts driver for Atheros AR8161 (Lan chipset) I found linux driver : http://www.linuxfoundation.org/colla...networking/alx But I need Mac OSX Driver Thanks