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    USB 3.0 ports cause ML to freeze

    Are you using a DSDT file at all? I am using the same H77 chipset, not the same board, and did not have to add anything for the USB specifically. I have a Toshiba 1tb USB3 drive that I have tested on both USB ports, and additionally tested against the USB2 ports. I have no problem with that drive at all (the only USB3 device I have on hand) and the OS accurately identifies the protocol of any other devices I plug into the USB3 ports. I have tested speed as well to see the Toshiba drive runs ~3x faster on the USB3 ports than the USB2 so they are obviously being supported without any additional kext's or editing of anything. **I am using an extracted/optimized DSDT file though.** It would be a bummer if there was any difference in the mobile version. I have not seen any kexts or edits to provide USB3 specific support for the x77 chipset as ML already supports it..
  2. SiliconVoid

    GeForce 285 GTX black screen (solved)

    Have you tried a clean install with just the last mod you did (via TimeWalker75a)? The GTX285 was a gpu option in 2009/2010 Mac Pro (custom build) - it was supported by Mac OS (same as 8800GT). I have used the same card in numerous test builds - never needed anything but PCIRootUID=0 to get to install screen, and GraphicsEnabler=Yes on a few occasions.
  3. SiliconVoid

    Boot time of your Hackintosh?

    I have the boot rom enabled for the ASMedia SATA3 ports (ASRock H77 Pro4-M) so power button to Chameleon takes approximately 10-seconds including ASMedia port scan. Once the Apple boot screen pops up the spinner goes around (7) times and I am at the desktop.. =)