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  1. Please post photos of your bios settings, every screen
  2. Go to your BIOS settings and change IDE to AHCI Mac OS X can't see IDE. I think this should solve your problem
  3. I formatted MBR 2 partitions, installed windows and when tried ML this happened So only GUID? Will the dual boot work?
  4. Hi again! Can someone tell me how should i format my SSD 64Gb in order to have dual boot ML and Win7? GUID or MBR? In which partition should i install which OS? Thanks
  5. Boot0hfs did not work. Tomorrow I will try the windows fix Thank you
  6. Many many thanks iFIRE but it looks very complicated!!! can you tell me how to use app chameleon Wizard and install Boot0hfs for partition MAC OS ? I will try this
  7. thanks iFire is there any way to fix it now without going through all the installations again?!
  8. So, I went into disk utility and shrunk the MountainLion disk to 20Gb, then added another partition 45Gb in FAT I installed Win7 in the second partition. Booted from the USB again and did finalize and reboot. The PC keeps booting up in Windows without the usb plugged in. Any solution to this or do I have to do everything from the beginning and install Windows first to and MacOs second? Please, someone reply!!!
  9. Success!!!! Now can someone tell me how to do a dual boot with Win7? Can someone actually answer this time please?
  10. So I managed to install lion and the new graphics card fully supported! I used iATKOS L2 When I tried to install mountain lion while loading from the USB stick, the PC goes into sleep mode after 10-15 secs!!!!????? With the old graphics card I was able to install the whole thing as I say in my first post. I would really like to install Mountain Lion Any ideas? Update I used GraphicsEnabler=Yes and PCIRoot=1 It is loading as we speak. Fingers crossed
  11. Thanks iFire already checked it though! I will go with the GeForce 210 cause it's only 30 euros Will post results
  12. I am getting the Asus Geforce 210 Silent 1Gb DDR3 this afternoon. It is supposed to be compatible with mountain lion Will keep you posted PS why doesn't anyone reply with any tips? I thought this was a forum to help each other!!!
  13. Well I went ahead and installed it. No luck though!!! All the steps worked but after finalize and reboot I get a half white half black screen. I hear the instructions about voice over commands etc but no visual ! I got my answer I guess, my graphics card is NOT supported. Any info for a cheap card that will work? Thanks
  14. Hi all i would like to ask you a question before trying the ML install. First of all a HUGE than you to Tseug! for the guide. I am absolutely new to Hackintoshing, just set up Leopard on my PC after 3 days of trying Snow leo, and Lion with no success. I have the feeling that the problem is my GPU. here are my system specs Gigabyte P35-DS4 v2.0 F14 (same as Tseug) Intel Core 2 QUAD Q6600 2.4GHz 4GB RAM Gigabyte GV-RX387512H (Radeon HD3870) Graphics card Onboard sound card Should i go ahead and try the guide or do I need a different graphics card? Anyone tried this card? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot! I also attach the info i took from system profiler before installing Leopard. I have the v2.0 of the P35-DS4. Can I still use the v2.1 install files? I would also need the BIOS settings please