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  1. Hi, I am a first time Mac user! Currently, I only have access to a Windows 7 PC, but I would like to install Snow Leopard on my MacBook (it's an intel 1.8Ghz- not sure of the model, with Windows 7 currently on it). I can no longer find me Snow Leopard DVD, but I have it stored as a .dmg on my PC. How can I get the .dmg file to a USB, and get my MacBook to recognise it like a bootable DVD? I've used TransMac for a 10.6.7 (Lion) version but my MacBook didn't recognise the USB. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hi, I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit (build 7600) with SP1 (all updates) on my MacBook (not sure which, its Intel 1.8Ghz). I am very unfamiliar with how Mac's work, as I have been using PC's all my life (and I am reasonably knowledgable with them). I installed BootCamp, and I've upgraded it to 3.1. Everything seems to work except the audio device. I've Googled, and tried: installing in safemode downloading various versions of the realtek driver package (but the driver exe in program files won't even open) installing in compatibility mode Using the standard High Definition drivers Checking the apple support site for drivers/help Under playback devices it says "No audio devices are installed"... and when I click the speaker button (with a red X on it) it takes me to trouble shooting.... Can anyone help me out? Cheers